I facilitated a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM session for a 56 year-old woman who owns a hair salon. We’ll call her Robin (not her real name). Robin is healthy, and looking very tense. She settled down by the time we entered hypnosis. She shared with me that she channels information for her clients as she does her work.

Born to an alcoholic mother who is still pushing Robin’s buttons to this day, through guilt, she had a good relationship with her father. He crossed over when she was 24 years-old. She married at a young age just to get out of the house. From the frying pan into the fire, the man she married was an alcoholic, abusive, and violent person. When he was in the hospital in traction with broken bones, she left him. This was a convenient exit point for her. She married another man years ago and is very happy with him.

Her main concern was how to deal with her mother and have a closer communication with her deceased father. Although her business is good, she wanted to know how her work will evolve.

Past life

She found herself standing alone in the street. It was foggy and raining. She’s wearing a party dress and it’s in the 1800s, in old England. She doesn’t know why she’s there. She’s been dropped off and doesn’t know what to do. She’s twelve years-old and she is seeing her parents in a horse drawn carriage driving away.

I asked her to go to her house before she left for the party. She’s home and her father and mother are bickering about her. Her father, a wealthy banker, never did want a child and he hates her. The mother takes her daughter to the party, against the father’s wishes. The party is lavish with wealthy people. The mother is very sad.

I asked her to go to the part where they leave the party and they are in the carriage. The father said, “This is it!” He ordered his daughter out of the carriage, leaving the young girl to fend for herself with just a purse, hanky, white gloves and what looks like a couple of small coins. The mother did not speak up for her daughter and just let her go. 

No man's land 2

Robin leap frogged into the 1930s, Berlin, Germany, during WWII. She’s a twelve year-old girl, wearing a plaid skirt, blouse, loafers, escaping East Berlin with a man she be-friended. Climbing a rope ladder over the wall, and walking through no-man’s land. [I’ve been to this area in 1991, after the Berlin Wall came down.] From Wikipedia: No Man’s Land is the term used by soldiers to describe the ground between the two opposing trenches. Its width along the Western Front could vary a great deal. The average distance in most sectors was about 250 yards (230 metres). I could see through my mind’s eye exactly where this girl and man were escaping. In addition, during my world travel with my ex-husband, I’ve been to the area Robin was describing. After they made it over the wall, they went through the ruins of collapsed buildings, foraging for food. This activity went on for some time.

We left that scene, to another important day. Robin saw an image of a man and a woman on their wedding day, floating by. She then saw a wagon wheel and the Divine light shining from behind it. I knew Robin went directly out of the body in that lifetime.

We returned to Berlin and settled in the previous scene. I asked her to move to the last day of that life. She went directly to the light again with the image of the wedding day. She recognized the man in the image as her current husband and the woman was her. I let her stay in the bliss of the white light for a while so she could feel what it is like. From the smile on her face, she enjoyed this moment.

Sub Conscious (Higher Self)

The SC said she was shown those lives because she is a survivor and will do just fine. She’s to learn to relax, slow down and be a good mom. The parents in the first life are her parents now, but with the roles reversed. The dad was nice in Robin’s current life, and the mom is mean now. Forgiveness is not necessary, as she’s already worked through this. Now its a matter of loving allowance. She’s to be a good mother, raise her sons, then she will be writing books and helping people abandon the old programs they have been taught. She will have groups of people come to her to listen to what she can teach them. She had wondered if she will be famous someday. The SC said,”The work is about Mother Teresa, not Oprah”.

Robin wanted to know how she can communicate better with her dad who is on the other side. I asked permission for the dad to speak through her. Robin’s dad came through loud and clear and her voice changed as he spoke. We had a great time laughing and talking. He said she’s doing just great. He told her to be more gentle with her mom. During this hypnosis session, I gave Robin private time to speak with her dad. By sitting there in the silence, the client is able to have more conversations about other topics with their deceased loved one, when they listen to their session recording, over and over. From my perspective, its a gift that keeps on giving.

The SC returned and performed healing and Robin could feel it. They said they could not get rid of all the neck and shoulder tension she has, however, they will continue to work on her. She has to ask for healing at night, because this will also help establish a better communication confirmation for her. After the hypnosis session, Robin told me she saw her dad standing there, arms folded, waiting for his turn to come through. The time with her father was very special to her.

From this session, we can see how our soul family members play varying roles for us, from lifetime to lifetime. One understands we are in this human experience much like a play on a stage. It isn’t until we go under hypnosis or through other modalities, we find out what our lessons are in this current lifetime and from previous lifetimes, we see how we’re all helping one another.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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