As I look back, reflecting about my gratitude and the projects I accomplished this past year, I find myself in deeper appreciation for All That Is, and the support I received along the way. I’d like to share with you some of my challenges, changes, and experiences that occurred in 2013:

In January, I moved from a three story apartment, across town, to a large home I rented for nine months. Before I moved I had asked my angels to help me find a place to live in the Valley of the Sun, to grow my business as a channel and psychic reader. My angels wanted to surprise me. They would only tell me it is a ground level dwelling and the amount of monthly rental fee. When a friend called and said he and his wife had a house for rent, I asked how much. He told me the same number my angels had said weeks before. For me, this was green light confirmation.

On Valentine’s Day, I published the first Barbara Becker Healing newsletter. The rules had changed about emailing announcements and sharing information, since I had an email list years ago. My website virtual assistant based out of New York, recommended, for me to offer information and advertise my services and products.  I found a template that I liked and began publishing my blog articles and channeled angel messages. The number of people subscribing to my newsletter has grown and so has the components of the newsletter.

In the beginning of April, I received my initiation into Kriya Yoga. I feel I truly have come home to my spiritual studies. My spiritual path is never ending. I’ve been told the Kriya Yoga would be good for my health as well. I continue my spiritual based Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

In April, my boyfriend, Peter, and I took a road trip to California. I was missing the ocean in a big way. We walked on the white sand of Redondo Beach and visited with a dear photographer and film maker friend, and her dog named Oscar. We visited with the flowers of San Capistrano Mission and watched beautiful sunsets. Traveling across the desert was cleansing for my soul.

In May, it was time to start group healing sessions. I was guided to enroll in My angels told me the name: Star Energy Healing Group. Within several days I had twelve people sign up to meet at a local restaurant. I shared my plan with the group: to hold low cost group healing sessions and provide a channeling of the mathematical language. These monthly sessions were awesome. When I was told that people sitting in another room were feeling the healing energy in their bodies, I knew that something special was occurring for the good of the whole world and out in the Cosmos. The beautiful souls who have joined the group and the ones who participate, have graced me with their presence. Each one is Divine. I am humbled.

In June, I completed a one year apprenticeship with an awesome mentor. This focused program helped me to take my business to the next level and keep me motivated to stretch out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot about social media, website development, search engine optimization, and “getting myself out there”. There is still more to this creation called Barbara Becker Healing, and I’m looking forward to its evolution in service to others.

During the year, new clients came for healing and angel readings. I was interviewed on several internet radio programs. I stood up before three live stream cameras at the Braco gazing event in Phoenix, and shared what I saw through my third eye, both in the ball room and in outer space with our star brothers and sisters. After meeting a talk show host and producer at the gazing event, I began offering my channeling services on his monthly Trance Channel Panel BlogTalkRadio program.



This year I met amazing energy healers and received healing services to help me maintain my health and energy systems, during the incoming energy waves and energetic changes on our dear planet. I learned I was taken onboard a spacecraft at age four and received an implant. I still have the memory of the procedure, because I woke up in the middle of it. I have a large scar from the subsequent removal of the device. I have no anger toward anyone regarding the implant and the event.

During a Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy session, I learned who my Higher Self is comprised of. Although I’m not separate from my Higher Self, it is more appropriate for me to say “we” instead of “I”. This is because “We” are a collection of beings from the Great Central Sun. At this time, it’s beyond my comprehension to explain this concept of self. Perhaps in the near future I will be able to describe more of who I am.

In October, I participated in Feng Shui Arizona’s Feng Shui Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona, as an angel tarot card reader and presented a channeled group healing for an audience. I met wonderful people and gave readings non-stop all day long. It was truly a blessed event for all of us.

I began channeling healing for dogs and cats in the animal shelters. One day as I was driving by the Maricopa County Animal Control facility, a dog communicated to me telepathically, asking me to come for a visit. I channeled healing to over 400 beloved pets. Although it was intense for me to look into the frightened eyes of a soul that knew it was on death row, I infused the love and compassion these dear ones deserve and desired. 

I was guided to leave the Phoenix area and move back up to the ranch with Peter, where my business changed to healings and readings over the phone. I learned once again, when our angels and guides give us advice when we ask, it’s best to be like water, and flow with the change. Although I don’t have all the pieces together as to why this change had to occur, I know in my heart my angels know best. They haven’t steered me wrong in the past.

On November 3, at the age of 77, my dear massage therapist and friend, Nani Tadina, whom I wrote about in my book, crossed over, to be among the angels. She came out of retirement in 2012, during the week I was thinking about her. We re-connected and I began receiving massages and energy work from her again. My last massage with Nani and the angels was July 9, 2013. After the massage, I told Nani, “Your skill and muscle strength is that of a twenty year-old!” I miss her, and at the same time, she is here with me. I know this because I can feel her presence. I am forever grateful, for her integral part of my spiritual transformation.

For 2013, I feel I was truly blessed with abundance. Abundance in health was manifested as only one minor head cold in April, a two week manifestation of symptoms related to standing up for myself, continued minor processing of a past life through my skin, and minor muscle aches of processing issues as we do as humans. Abundance in wealth was manifested as all my bills were paid, continued no use of credit cards since 2008, nutritious food, and items that were needed, came to me easily and quickly. Abundance in my relationship with Peter has revealed in being able to appreciate one another although living apart in different cities for the past two and a half years. 

In 2014 we are going to have greater challenges than this year. I am hopeful that we will prevail as humans and star beings, in creating a sustainable and nourishing world for our children and our children’s children. Through love, compassion and forgiveness, we will create peace and harmony in our communities. Let’s stay in the space of gratitude and appreciation for all of our lessons.  And in the meantime, let’s buckle our seat belts. It’s going to be a thrilling ride. I hope 2014 will be your best year yet!

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker


If you are have difficulty remaining focused or need to clear your chakras and energy fields to attain optimum health, a channeled healing can be given in person or over the phone. 

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For more stories of my healing gift, please consider reading my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. If you are guided, please contact me.



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