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For this week’s blog article and my commitment to reveal more of myself to the world, I decided to ask my Higher Self, White One, who, with me, is/are, a collection of beings from the Great Central Sun, to give us a message for 2014. For those readers who are not familiar with me, or have not heard this before, I was placed under hypnosis last year and my Higher Self answered the question, “Who are you?” The hypnotist/healing facilitator wanted to know who my Higher Self was, because she had never heard a voice like this before. 

The answer came through as this: “We are a collection of love, frequency, of consciousness, of beings, entities, planets, stars, all, the power that emanates from the Great Central Sun, all knowing, all loving, all correcting, all being.”

After I heard the recording, I remembered and understood the Human Design® consultant who gave me a reading in 2004, told me I should be saying the pronoun, “we”, instead of “I” when I talk with people. I also understand at a deeper level why the consultant said that my DNA is about love, and why I speak of love so much.

Here is the message I “channeled” from my Higher Self as it applies to all of us:

Barbara: What’s new for 2014?

"There will be more turmoil on the planet- both geologically and interpersonally. At the same time there will be more thinning of the veil between the dimensions, as a reflection of your own higher dimension coming into your reality. You may want to sleep more. Please know this is okay and will facilitate the changes in your physical bodies as well. There is more to come, don’t be worried or concerned about the future. Stay very present and know in your hearts all is well, and in perfect order. Observe, compassionately, as the systems of old programs focused in material matters and greed, to come tumbling down, cracking open, to allow the flower of life to reveal itself in your everyday world. Say goodbye to the negativity, hello positivity. Positively, you are living and creating from your heart centered Self. Of love, you will create the Heaven on Earth you speak of and seek. It is not at arm’s length, rather, right here, in the present, all along. It is within you."

Barbara: Is there anything else you would share with us?

"Yes. It is highly recommended to continue the cleansing and clearing from the inside, as this will be a reflection seen in the outside. Watch how your reality changes from challenging to a smooth flow of abundance, health, and contentment. It is recommended you become and establish a close relationship with your Higher Self. Your prayers and intentions of clear and clean water, abundant and nurturing forests, pristine sandy beaches, and fertile soil is working. Your dear Mother Earth is becoming 5th dimensional and the vibration is holding a cleaner and clearer state of being. Much work still needs to be done, and we want you to know your efforts are appreciated, acknowledged and honored, by All That Is."

End of Transmission.

I am grateful to be of service to my clients and to our dear Mother Earth and to God, the Great Central Sun/Creator Source. I’m looking forward to 2014. I anticipate great and swift changes and a deeper appreciation for everyone here. I thank you for all you are doing here to help each other and loving yourself. We are all in this together, whether we are conscious of it or not.

I wish 2014 is your best year ever and may all your dreams come true!

Blessings and Love,

Barbara Becker

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