On the level of consciousness scale by David R. Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force, we are now at the level of acceptance. Our vibration is 350 on the 20-1000 scale. Life is taking on a more colorful and robust presence. When you wake up in the morning you are filled with potentiality and the infinite number of possibilities of what will happen in the next moment. There’s a smile on your face and you are taking responsibility for what is occurring in your life. You understand everything is about you, happens for you, and you are willing to accept what ever happens.

There is an inner knowing that all is in right order and everything always works out in the end and the beginning, for that matter! You see and feel the harmonic balance in everyone and in every situation. What ever is not working for you, you know you are the one who can change it. This could be about career and financial problems, relationship issues, and health concern. You have a more worldly view of your life and you are now able to see the big picture, because your perspective is one filled with inner wisdom from your previous experiences. At the acceptance level, people often change careers, begin a new business, take their part time business full time, or change their routines in order to support a healthier lifestyle. You feel confident and others can see it as plain as day! 

On an emotional level, you are forgiving. You forgive yourself for all that you have manifested in your life that is not in resonance with your soul path and life purpose. When others don’t meet your expectations or how you would like to be treated, you forgive them easily and quickly. This doesn’t mean you tolerate their behavior. Simply put, you speak your truth, state your needs, and move on, if the other person cannot meet you halfway and participate in mutual respect. At the level of acceptance, you see this person as a teacher in one of your life’s lessons. You are grateful for the opportunity of this experience.

We are here helping one another learn our life lessons and balance our karmic debt. From Lori Rubenstein’s book, Forgiveness, Heal Your Past and Find the Peace YOU Deserve, we hear the stories of people who have forgiven the unforgivable. Lori asks us to consider this: If your soul chooses to work on the lessons surrounding abuse, would you rather be the abuser or the one being abused? How much does someone have to love you to come here to Earth and be the ‘abuser’ for your growth?

Lori also shares with us, in Step 4 of the forgiveness process, Gratitude: “No matter what happens [in your life], when you “forgive the unforgivable” and release those grudges, anger, hurt, devastation, guilt, shame, bitterness, you will experience lightness and a spiritual cleansing. Lori has found every single person that shared their horror stories for her book, found blessings in the aftermath of what they experienced. 

Acceptance in our consciousness is giving loving allowance for all things and persons to be in their time and place. This includes yourself. If you want some situation or someone to change, you change yourself. You can’t make anyone do anything. Only you can change you. And because we are all connected, when you change, your circumstances change, and the whole world changes. Whenever I find myself in a place that is not bringing to me what I want to see happen in my reality, I journey inward and discover what needs to be changed within me. I accept the work that needs to be done. I accept that we are here for a very short time. We don’t know when it’s time to return to Spirit. It’s up to each of us to accept our lessons and learn them well. This is what will create more love on Mother Earth.


Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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