Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ is a regression healing hypnosis technique created by the late great Dolores Cannon. QHHT® practitioners around the world continue Dolores’ work, helping people to heal themselves by facilitating a transformative hypnosis session for their client.

This session story begins with my client, Carl (not his real name), who finds himself back in the 1940s, working on telephone wires and poles. Surrounded by tall green trees and shrubs, he can see the mountains in the distance. Working along a road in the countryside, it feels like the Sedona, Arizona area to him. The temperature outdoors is in the mid seventies and there are scattered clouds in the sky with the sun peeking through. He is wearing a long sleeve denim shirt and dungarees (jeans). Under his work shirt is a white T-shirt. Around his waist is a yellow colored leather tool belt. His blonde hair is slicked back under his white work hat. The hat has the name Bell with a rotary dial phone image on it. He has scuffed tan colored work boots with pegs to climb the poles. At this moment he is snipping an energized wire with a wire cutter tool. The wire was damaged when a truck hit the pole in an accident. Below him, he sees a man with a hard hat standing next to a truck. He’s married with a young wife and children. His wife’s name is Patricia. He has a nice home and a vehicle to drive.

He works hard and would like a better life. Although he is compensated with a good salary, the temperatures and the elements of Nature have to be dealt with on a daily basis. He’s thinking about there has to be more to life than just being a power pole guy.

Another important day…

Usually when I ask a client to go to another important day, they see a scene in the same life they are being shown. However, when the Higher Self has something else in mind, the client will be shown a completely different life, such as what happened with Carl. We practitioners call this leap frogging into another life. For Carl, he “jumps” into his current life.

Carl finds himself at his wedding to his current wife. Everything is beautiful and he feels good. He is dressed in a tuxedo and posing for photos. The sky is blue, with small clouds and the grass is a beautiful emerald green. He sees the camera flash.

Then suddenly, Carl leap frogs into the body of the photographer at this wedding! As the photographer, Carl says to himself, “ This is not going to work.” He gathers his equipment and goes into the main room. Carl, the photographer asks Carl, the groom, “Is this really happening? Is this real? Carl the groom replies, “I’m excited and scared at the same time.”

Carl the groom, is now by himself, drinking punch, thinking about things.

Another important day…

Carl leap frogs into a parallel life! In his current life, my client was born in the 1960s.

Holding onto a surf board, looking at a type of sailboat called a catamaran, he sees the sun, as he slices through the ocean water.

It’s the 1960s. He’s off the shore of Perth, Australia, and it’s broad daylight. He can see the shore is a couple of miles away. He is a travel guide and takes people on trips to Italy, Greece, France, Norway, Fiji, and Japan. The airplanes his tour members ride in have propellers.

His Italian girlfriend of two years, is beautiful. There’s a conversation about marriage. Carl asks his girlfriend to marry him. She declined his proposal. He’s feeling down now. The reason she refused is because his life is unstable due to the world travel and he doesn’t make enough money to suit her lifestyle that she is accustomed to.

We are one hour into the session, and I need to talk with the Higher Self to start diving into my client’s questions he brought to be answered. The Higher Self showed him the life of the telephone company worker so he can understand energy and how it can be interrupted. Family values and responsibilities are important in the life of a human being. These concepts are also part of the current life in being married and providing for his current family.

The viewpoint as the photographer, was shown to help him think and see, in order to manifest. He must accept himself, as he is, including his insecurities. The tour guide life was shown to help him understand the limiting programs he runs in his mind.

These explanations by the Higher Self scratch the surface of much more to be revealed to Carl, as he continues to listen to his session recording over and over. The remainder of the session was devoted to Carl’s questions, healing his physical symptoms and helping him to understand his role and purpose in this incarnation.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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