Liberation from suffering is transcending the emotions that bind you to lower vibrations, such as sorrow, worry, complaint, anger, horror, etc. It does not mean you no longer have emotions, rather, you are no longer affected by them. You become compassionately detached where your vibration stays high and yet are able to feel and express love and compassion for yourself and toward others. The vibration of reason, on the scale of the levels of consciousness; 20 to 1000, in David R. Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, is 400. At this level you are thinking clearly and have a rational mind. You understand that you have amazing skills and talents and want to put them to good use, in benefit for humanity.

At the level of reason you have a drive and passion for more knowledge. You are interested in the sciences, medicine, healing modalities, and more. You find yourself going down rabbit holes to find the truth. This is why you can become focused at this level. You develop discipline and no longer are interested in those activities that do not provide education. Famous people who vibrated at this 400 level were Freud, Einstein and Newton. In fact, they were calibrated (meaning tested) at 499, which is closer to Love.

The emotion you are experiencing is one of understanding how life works and you are finding the world is a meaningful place to co-exist in harmony. You are touching the world with your beauty, through your projects and services for community. At the level of reason, your quest for the truth is expanding. You are noticing the times that you have been given information and it either panned out as the truth, or did not.  You may become temporarily confused, but you keep searching for clarity and you find it much easier than before.

At the level of reason, you find yourself searching for the answers that will help you to see the big picture of life and the roles you play in it. You begin to understand the roles we all play have purpose and benefits for all. Reason is an exciting level of consciousness to be in, because it is stimulating to the brain, the intellect and the heart. Life just keeps getting better and better every day!

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker


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