A guest post by Reiki Master Kari Redfield

With a chakra like hundreds of rainbow prisms, Rainbow Children and Rainbow Young Adults bring in pure love and light.

Last summer, I had the beautiful experience with “Rainbow Children” while providing Reiki at a healing fair where healers and psychics gave free sessions, and attendees donated canned food for the local food bank. While channeling Reiki’s healing power for more than 60 people throughout the summer, I noticed a color of chakra that I hadn’t seen before. It shimmered like a thousand prisms stacked atop each other, refracting golden light into hundreds of rainbow colors. I had met a “Rainbow Young Adult.”

It’s said by some psychics that these rare children are coming now in great numbers. I am not one to label and make definitions, as our Higher Selves don’t, but humans sometimes do for understandings—and there is definitely something different about these Rainbow Kids and Rainbow Young Adults.

They come in karma-free, as if just cast into existence from Source’s pure Love right before they were born. And because of this, a lot of human’s traditional spiritual teachings don’t apply to them.

Whereas a soul like mine, who has wandered here on dozens of missions over the past quarter of a millennium, has imprints from these experiences, these Rainbow Gold Star Children and Rainbow Gold Star Young Adults do not. Instead of hearing the sensible teachings of Teal Swan to integrate the split facets, these kids need to sink into love. Period. Just be love. Don’t get caught in labels, thoughts, and beliefs.


Teachings like Bentinho Massaro’s Absolute Meditations and Annie Hart’s Satsangs are the message these Rainbows need right now. Or a QHHT® session with Barbara Becker or another skilled practitioner to help forge that powerful connection with Higher Self. (I’m not saying these teachings and experiences aren’t also perfect for we longtime wanderers. Indeed, these direct path teachings are vital for all of us, but it may take more pre-work for some of us to prepare for these direct path teachings.)

Coming in so fresh and pure, these Rainbow Kids need to JUST BE LOVE and stop thinking, stop taking on our society’s beliefs, stop being influenced by society ASAP.

If it’s not love, it is not you, Rainbow Child.

I am so convinced that these kids need to hear this direct message that I am going to be creating a channel on my website just for them. Stay tuned.

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