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[This article is 8th and last of a series of articles exploring how our spiritual path, the pursuit of Self Realization, extraterrestrial intelligence, Mother Earth’s ascension, and the global changes of creating Heaven on Earth are interwoven. I will share with you how each of us is on the right track in creating a better world for our children and our children’s children.]


During this year I was trying to figure out what is the relationship between my spiritual meditation practice, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Extraterrestrial Intelligence. During my research and esoteric studies, I found no mention of ET’s, Aliens or Star Brothers and Star Sisters. In reading about contact with off planet space crafts and ETs, I didn’t see anyone write about spirituality and it’s application in understanding and communicating with beings from other planets and solar/star systems. It could have been I just did not find the articles out there, or I wasn’t ready to be exposed to it.

My search ended when I had a “aha” moment while watching a video on the Internet of Dr. Steven M. Greer, the founder of the Disclosure Project [1], leading a meditation group specifically to initiate contact with a life form not from Earth. He shared with the group that if we are to make contact, it requires we quiet our minds, in meditation, and approach the encounter as benevolent and welcoming ambassadors of planet Earth. I followed along with the meditation and a spaceship with green lights appeared before me in my living room. I imagine by now you are saying to yourself “How could a spaceship travel and land inside a home?” The answer to your question will require you to bend your mind a little, maybe a lot. To understand this concept is to remember this third dimension is an illusion. Everything and everyone you see is really a form of energy, of light vibrating at various speeds. This concept steps into quantum mechanics, which I’m not an expert at, even though I had an experience in my Connecticut hotel room many years ago where a being in the form of several cobalt blue oscillating elliptical wave forms appeared in my room around 2am. When I closed my eyes, I still saw it without any diminished perception of the visual. I repeatedly opened and closed my eyes and it remained there, floating in the air beside my bed. It felt as if I had no eyelids. At the time, I was not ready to communicate with it, so the being honored my discomfort, and did not force to communicate with me.

Now, back to the meditation in the living room. It was in that moment, with the spaceship in my vision, that I felt someone touch my left arm. I asked who is here with me. Just like our angels can give us confirmation of their presence with a gentle touch, a breeze, a visual or their voice, so can our star sisters and star brothers. The two star beings spoke with me telepathically and said they are with me all the time, in another dimension. They are assigned to me. I thanked them for their service and appreciate all that they do, even when I’m unaware of it, because using my intuitive skills, I know they are here for my highest and greatest good. If you’d like to know who these beings are and an example of their service, please read my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. Hint: they revealed themselves to me on my way to Peru.

Dr. Greer said if we are going to make contact, it’s not going to be without our permission (on some level), and the star beings that want to make contact are very concerned about our welfare. They love us, and honor our free will. As I mentioned in a previous article, I agree with the realization that disclosure of star beings visiting and living among us, will occur through our loving, respectful and welcoming behavior. These benevolent star beings have technologies far beyond our imagination, because they have evolved spiritually way beyond the average human being living on planet Earth. They can manifest anything they need, instantaneously. They don’t need our gold, our money, or anything else you can dream up. They have the means to travel by interstellar means, with just a thought.

Highway to Heaven

It dawned on me why I had learned how to meditate and eventually receive initiation into Kriya Yoga. It is the path to Self-Realization that leads us to communicate and have contact with benevolent star beings and experience spacecraft from other worlds. It is the journey to our heart that we touch the face of God/Creator/Source and become realized. Our human bodies were designed for us to attain liberation from all suffering and struggles. If you are wanting to know more about Kriya Yoga, I recommend you pick up a copy of Paramahamsa Yogananda’s book: Autobiography of a Yogi. It will enlighten you!

Mother Earth has ascended to the 5th Dimension, and she won’t stop there. We are on the Earth, and it can be experienced as the 5th, when we activate our light bodies, balance our karma, love ourselves, forgive all, walk in our truth, and be compassionate and peaceful people. Experiencing the 5th dimension will feel like Heaven because the struggle and strife is released and no longer required. Looking back on my life, I can now see everything happened for a reason. My life has a purpose, in fact several purposes. I have learned my lessons, and I know and embrace more will come. I understand how I grew up and all the people in my life played their roles and played them well, in order to get me to love myself. I bless them all!

Through your work of compassionate love for yourself, you are affecting the timelines of the children of the world. Through your increased consciousness, you are attaining a deeper level of understanding that your actions and thoughts affect the legacy you leave behind for your children, and their children. Our star brothers and star sisters have advanced technologies they will share with us. These technologies can clean the soil, air, water, and more. If we are to receive access to these technologies, it would behoove us to increase our consciousness and learn to quiet the mind, to be an open channel for telepathic communications. Through meditation and your sincere efforts with a peaceful and loving heart, you will make contact. You do not even have to be an expert meditator or yogi.

If you want to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem, then continue to work on yourself. It takes work. I promise you, it will be worth it. We are all here helping one another. In doing so, each of us, through our sacred spiritual paths, are indeed, creating Heaven on Earth. As we understand we are here to be of service for one another, because in doing so, we serve God/Creator/Source. By loving ourselves, others automatically love themselves. We are all connected and so, others are affected and change when we change. It is a grand design of love that we are supported and cared for by our benevolent star sisters and star brothers. The world will not be annihilated from atomic or nuclear means, because those weapons of destruction will no longer work. Your involvement in whatever cause or passion you choose is part of the grand design to change the world for the better. Those who refuse to change the harmful ways will continue their journey on a different timeline. It will be a timeline of great challenges, however, they too will eventually make it to a higher level of consciousness due, in part to our forgiveness and compassion for them.

All is one. There is no separation from each other, nor anything found in the Universe and other dimensions and planes of existence. Our thoughts manifest instantaneously and are quicker than the speed of light. What are your thoughts? Are they thoughts of love, compassion and forgiveness? Are they thoughts of peace, harmony and balance? Just having the desire and thoughts for a better world, creates it. Are you able to be still and calm even though there is chaos all around you? This could be something to work on. It’s just a matter of when will you try? Every effort adds to the collective. You are here for a reason. You are the love and light of God/Creator/Source. The entire Universe is in deep gratitude for your service and your presence. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations. You are on the right track in creating a world of love and peace, just by being you!


Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker






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