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[This article is part of a series of articles exploring how our spiritual path, the pursuit of Self Realization, extraterrestrial intelligence, Mother Earth’s ascension, and the global changes of creating Heaven on Earth are interwoven. I will share with you how each of us is on the right track in creating a better world for our children and our children’s children.]


Before you came to the planet, you made agreements, contracts, and plans to fulfill karmic balance for yourself and others. You agreed to complete your mission in service to others, and to love unconditionally. A veil was placed over you to forget where you came from, your mission, and life purpose. And yes, there are those who were given the opportunity to remember quite easily and quickly why they are here and what they need to do. Each of us has chosen whom we would meet and how difficult the lessons would be for us. From the moment of your first breath, you began a sacred spiritual path to the sacred heart of love. Everyone is on this path. It may not seem so, when you witness through the news, the radio, and your own personal encounters, of people who are not doing nice things. And yet, those who are engaged in the darkness are actually helping to birth the light. There will be and is chaos, before calm and order.

It is because the global conscious is now brighter and lighter, due in part to the spiritual growth and state of being in the Oneness of the many rather than the few, we are all ascending (awakening) into a lighter frequency. More and more people are being guided from their inner light to be of service to help one another, including all of life with a gentle and nurturing attitude toward our dear Mother Earth. Her soil, air and water, is transmuting the prior destructive and abrasive behavior and activities based in the greed and power over others perspective, through the ceremonies, prayers and intentions of people concerned developing Heaven on Earth. People are creating organizations that protect species from being killed and harmed. And yes, there is going to be even more upheaval in the world because the darkness needs to be exposed, much like cracking a coconut to get to the juicy, nourishing white meat. To restructure and rebuild our environment and way of living in communion with our Mother Earth, big changes must occur. We can’t keep taking from Mother Earth and abusing one another. There is a better way, and the human spirit will find it.

Who do you think are on the planet at this time? The brave ones are here. That’s you! You were called upon to come here, to the toughest school in the Universe; a school called planet Earth. At the same time, you signed up to come here, because you knew you could advance here spiritually more quickly than in the spirit realm or on any other planet in the Universe. You knew it would be hard here, but you came anyway, because you knew it would be worth it! You are learning and growing by leaps and bounds, through your experiences. Along the way you learned about attaining the balance between the material aspects and the spiritual aspects of being human. You found that life is not about accumulating the most toys and riches for yourself. You learned that sharing of the wealth and abundance is for the highest and greatest good for all, and in turn, more wealth and abundance returns to you.

You learned there is no difference between right and wrong. There is no wrong, just more lessons to learn. You learned to make good choices and live with integrity. You learned to release fear and that fear is an illusion. You learned only love is real. You learned to speak your truth, and not care what others think of you, because it’s none of your business in the first place. You learned to stand in your power and be the magnificent being you are. You learned that complaining and being in fear just gives your power to another. You learned you take back your power and move forward in life. You learned you have help 24/7, with the angels, guides and the Higher Self. You learned you are and were never alone. You learned you have a life purpose and a mission to fulfill in this lifetime. You learned the importance of balancing the equation of giving and receiving. You learned about caring for your original mother, Mother Earth, Gaia. You learned your small part in caring for your environment, affects the greater whole. You learned to ground yourself, walk barefoot, and connect to the Mother.


You learned that during your entire life, you were never the victim, rather, the creator of your reality. This meant taking responsibility for your life as a creative adventure. You learned that each of us is playing roles for each other, roles that involve behaviors to help the others to love themselves. You learned the words you speak affect others. You learned to be positive. You learned to think positive. You learned that everyone has lessons and challenges to work on. You learned how to forgive others and yourself, even the unforgivable. You learned to face your truth, and to seek help when needed. You learned patience and to give loving allowance for all is in right order, time and place. Everything has purpose, and everything is happening for you, not against you or to you. You learned to drop your prejudices and began to understand everyone has a story and everyone holds value. Everyone brings their talents, skills, knowledge and gifts to the collective table of life. You learned to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth. You learned to meditate and be in the stillness of the Divine within you. You learned you had all the answers inside of you, all along. You learned to make modifications in your diet and activities in order to appreciate and honor the human vessel you were given to experience life in the third dimension. You learned how to detoxify your body and rejuvenate it through diet, blessed water, fasting and communing with Nature. You learned the importance of relationships and that we are all helping one another learn our lessons.

You learned prayers, songs, ceremonies and mantras that uplift your spirit and give praise to the Creator Source and your dear Mother Earth. Your learned your thoughts are very powerful, and the positive ones are the most beneficial for you and all of life. You learned a smile can be the greatest and most precious gift you can bestow upon another. You learned to respect and honor everyone, through attaining permission to share information with another soul. You learned you have extra senses to access information and receive healing, and that this is a normal aspect of you and all humans. You learned there are many names for the Creator, because humans all over the world have chosen different perspectives and ways of living. You learned that nothing really matters, because we all return to the Source, the Oneness. And, there are many more concepts and lessons you have learned that are particular to you because you have a unique journey that no one else can walk.

The lessons in your life are much like playing Solitaire, a card game played by one person. The object is to use up all one's cards by forming particular arrangements and sequences. Winning at Solitaire means you are able to arrange the sequence of cards in four separate piles, from King descending to the Ace card. If you won at Solitaire every time you played, it would become boring. This gives us a clue to why we want to experience our lessons in different ways, with different outcomes, in order for us to learn about the different aspects of love. In my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, I wrote that when I understood we are meant to struggle, the struggles dis-appeared. The struggles transformed into creative projects and adventures, just by changing my perspective.

Each and every life form in the Cosmos is “walking” on their sacred spiritual path to the sacred heart of Self Love, returning to Creator Source. Love is the language of the heart. Love is the answer to our questions. So, love in a very generous way toward everyone and in every action. Be the love you seek and you won’t have to go far to find it. It’s inside of you.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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