During the holiday season of winter, we are given an opportunity to give and receive an expression of our love for one another. This exchange can be for our loved ones and for others we meet on the street. A gift of love can be as simple as a smile and a twinkle in your eye that says, “You are loved beyond all measure.” 

Our nature of loving one another is a reflection of loving ourselves. The gift of giving, not expecting anything in return is a Divine way of gift exchange. The gift of giving without recognition or reward is a gift of inner peace and inner knowing you are connected to everyone.  

There are two sides of the coin. As you give, you also receive. Another aspect of giving and receiving is balance. When we give too much of ourselves, whether it’s money, time, effort, or that what is required to live and prosper, we tip ourselves out of balance. Giving too much, leaves us depleted. God does not want us to be martyrs. God wants us to be happy and creative in our life experience. And the opposite is true too. Receiving without giving places us out of balance to a point of taking, without the flow of prosperity, and it becomes more of a vibration of greed. 

There may be a time in your life where you lose every tangible possession or friends drift away. While it feels devastating, it really is a hidden gift. Perhaps it is because those objects and people no longer serve your highest and greatest good. That part of you is done. It is time for new adventures and lessons. Let go and let God grace you with new friends, new people in your life, new experiences and welcome that which you were not expecting. Trust that all will be revealed and provided, down the road. Your understanding of the process occurring in the present moment is not necessary. But your trust is. When you trust yourself, you automatically trust God. 

Several years ago, I decided to ask God for a Christmas gift. The gift I asked for was the opportunity to help someone. Within two days I received my gift. An elderly woman drove up to my car in the Costco parking lot and asked me if I knew where a radiology office was located. She had an outpatient appointment for a follow-up scan after her breast cancer surgery. I looked at the address on the piece of paper she had in her hand. I told her I knew exactly where that office was located, however, it wasn’t easy to describe in directions. I asked her to follow my vehicle and I would take her to the office.  I had her park her car near the office door. I escorted her into the building and confirmed this was indeed the correct place. I showed her that she could see her car from the office window and wished her blessings and joy. I left and thanked God in my car for this  gift of helping that woman.

I’ve learned this type of gift is my favorite to receive and “give”. Perhaps I helped this woman believe that this is a kind world and that there are those who will help her along her way. Perhaps she was an angel sent by God to give me this gift. What impressed me the most was how quickly I received it. Divine timing was in action and this gift is given by people all over the world, all year long. What gifts are you giving this year? What gifts are you receiving? 

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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