Stormy mind


In the previous articles in this series of the levels of consciousness, from David R. Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, we sequentially looked at shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, and desire. The vibrational energy is also rising at each successive level. We are now at anger, with a vibrational energy of 150. The emotion of anger is hate and when we are in this state of being, our view of the world is one of antagonism. We feel the world is against us and it’s out to get us!

The good news about anger is we are vibrating higher than the previous levels (states of being). And what is anger? My interpretation is anger is an expression of our dissatisfaction with someone or some situation. says anger is a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong. Anger is a normal response when some injustice is done to a person, child, animal, or other life form, including ourselves. For instance, when your spouse is unfaithful to your marriage vows, the agreement you both made based on mutual respect and honor, has been defiled, it is natural for you to become angry.

An important aspect of anger is that the anger be expressed constructively, and not suppressed. Anger that is kept inside of us, can manifest into depression, and other health issues, especially with the cardiovascular system. There are constructive ways to deal with anger. One way to release anger is to use swear words. This can be done in the mind. Another way is to take a leather belt and beat a pillow, while swearing out loud and expressing your interpretation of the situation or behavior of the person with whom you are angry.

Years ago, I received a deep tissue massage by Nani, my massage therapist. While she was massaging me, we discovered I held anger concerning my first boyfriend at age 15. I felt intense pain through my entire back. I screamed so loud, it sounded like someone was being murdered! After this therapeutic massage, Nani suggested I beat a pillow with a leather belt. And that’s what I did. I released the anger that I had held onto for over 35 years. This is one of the reasons  why therapeutic massages are healthy for us. We release our issues from our tissues!

When I became depressed after the divorce from my first husband, I sought mental therapy with a counselor. After listening to my story, the counselor prescribed that whenever the thought of my ex-husband came into my mind, to “cuss him out”, quietly in my mind at work, and out loud when I’m home alone. This was the beginning of my healing the anger inside of me. Through Gestalt therapy with the counselor, I was healed in 4 weeks. Since that therapy, I’ve done further work on myself and now have the perspective that my first husband was part of my soul’s journey. His mission was to help me learn Self Love. I am grateful for the lessons and the grand sacrifice this soul made for me, to forgive him, and more importantly, to forgive myself.

After the rain

Are you a person who is cynical and finds fault in everything, from the government woes to the weather outside? Do you criticize people and put them down for whatever struggle they are going through? When this is the case, it’s time to journey inward and look at what is prompting this type of expression. How can you change your perspective and see everyone is really helping you to become a better person? It takes work.

During the spiritual Tai Chi I learned from Grandmaster Zaysan, in Phoenix, Arizona, we students were encouraged to use swear words during our form when angry feelings needed to be expressed. The Grandmaster allowed us to swear at him too, as long as we demonstrated a sign of respect by adding, “Grandmaster Zaysan” at the end of the string of cuss words. And if we didn’t show that sign of respect? Well, I’ve never seen any student who didn’t. This form of Tai Chi causes the emotional wounds to rise to the surface to be faced and released. This is why Zaysan’s Tai Chi is very healing and allows the anger to be re-directed in a safe manner.

Another way to address anger is to control it through meditative techniques and anger management therapy with a psychologist. Energy work is also therapeutic for anger issues. Keep in mind it is normal to become angry at times. It’s when the anger is escalated or suppressed in an unhealthy manner help is best sought with someone who can give you the tools and skills to maintain your happiness again through constructive anger management techniques.

Blessings and love!  

Barbara Becker

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