The level of consciousness where we are willing to do more than just get by, our vibration is higher at 310, according to the vibration scale as outlined in David R. Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force. We have the momentum charging forward because we no longer have to focus on being comfortable and safe. We channel our energy more productively and creatively, because we are concerned about doing a good job.

We become more organized in our thinking and have the desire to develop a discipline in our lives that promotes productivity and the results we are striving for. This could occur in our studies, our meditations and our family life. We become serious and really want to put forth the effort it takes to create our dreams.

Our view of life is hopeful and the prominent emotion we are feeling is one of optimism. We can finally see the silver lining shining behind the dark clouds of pessimism. Our worldview is no longer bleak. We see the beauty in the mundane experiences, and contorted objects that would be considered junk to another. We understand that all we have been through, is not all for naught. There is purpose in our struggles and we have found renewed optimism that we will endure any future hardship, because we have made it this far, and we are richer for it.

The word willing is from the 14th century and is defined in Merriam-Webster dictionary as, not refusing to do something. There were times when I did not feel like driving to Grandmaster Zaysan’s temple to practice and learn Tai Chi. I was tired and didn’t feel I had the energy. Something inside of me gave me the desire to get off my behind and go to class. And every time I went to class, I was rewarded afterwards with a high energetic state and feeling happy that I participated in the group. This desire was my willingness to persevere and stay focused in my Tai Chi course. My dedication to Tai Chi required I maintain discipline and practice at home, between classes. I made it to the master level, which is not the highest level. The First Form we learn is the highest. When Grandmaster Zaysan added the Qi Gong classes, I attended those because I was told it would change my life dramatically and open my heart even more. Grandmaster Zaysan told me, “Buckle your seatbelt, your life is going to change really fast!” And it did. I changed jobs, began the divorce proceedings, moved out of the house, quit making porcelain dolls, and met my fur-ever friend, Galileo, and bought a home, in that order.

When you are vibrating at 310, you can expect good things to happen in your life. It most likely will cause change, however, change is good, and it’s our only constant. You are causing good things to happen because you are attracting these positive circumstances and changes from your higher vibration. As you are reading these progressive articles on the levels of consciousness in my blog, you are probably noticing that good things are happening as we ascend the scale. It’s no wonder, when we are at a higher vibration, we become a magical manifest of our destiny.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker 


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