In the mid nineties, I had an aura photograph taken of me, in an angel shop in Sedona, Arizona. I’ve since lost that photo. I do remember there was magenta color above my head and gold and white colors surrounding me. When that photo was taken I remember I placed my right hand on a metal plate.

Kirilian photography was invented in 1939 by Semyon Kirilian. It is a photographic process that reveals visible auras around objects in photographs. A voltage of current is applied to a metal plate. An object to be photographed is placed on the film and an electrical coronal discharge between the object and the metal plate occurs and is caught on film. People didn’t know about the Kirilian photography phenomenon until the 1970s.

We now have computers using biofeedback technology to produce an electronic image of a person’s aura. We have energy pathways in our bodies called meridians. Impulses traveling through the meridians are converted to an electrical frequency, displayed as colors and patterns in a person’s aura. The colors are expressed qualities and traits unique to the person being photographed.

Recently, a friend of mine suggested I have my aura photo taken in Sedona. The same week I planned to do so, the great trance channel of Dr. Peebles, Summer Bacon, posted an article about her aura photo taken of herself, and of her channeling Dr. Peebles. Dr. Peebles was a civil war surgeon, spiritualist, author, naturopathic physician, and world traveller. When he died in 1922, at the age of 99.9 years aged, he was soon channeled by a close friend. Since then, others have channeled him. He has a very distinct Scottish accent. In my opinion, Summer is the greatest trance channel I’ve witnessed. She taught me how to channel.

The aura photographer who provided the service is Liz Johnson of Prescott, Arizona. Summer posted aura photos of herself and of her trance channeling Dr. Peebles. My curiosity peaked and wondered if I could do the same with my Higher Self, also known as the White One. The White One is a collective of beings from the Great Central Sun of 10,000 suns. I channel them during my monthly Star Energy Healing Teleconferences for the participants.

I called Liz Johnson and made an appointment. After a short visit and lunch in Sedona, I drove to Prescott for my photo session. The photography was fast and easy. I sat down and placed each hand on metal plates. There’s absolutely no electrical sensation. It’s like placing your hands on a counter top in the kitchen.

About a minute later, I channeled the mathematical star language that’s playing in my mind 24/7, speaking it out loud for about 10 seconds. The White One announced their presence and spoke directly to Liz in the English language. Then, the photo was taken while I was in trance.

Liz’s interpretation of the photos:

“The energy on your right side is the energy you put out to the world. This is how people sense you. Very passionate. Very creative. You have a very strong conviction about the things you believe in. Things you hold dear to your heart. And you’ll fight to the death to stand up for what you believe in. It’s a good thing.

You have a wonderful command of language. You’re good at articulating and expressing yourself. You’re kind of like, the life of the party. You have a great sense of humor. People are drawn to you. Have you noticed when you’re out, people will want to stand next to you? It’s because you have this wonderful energy. You make them feel good just standing next to you. You are very much a free spirit. You like to march to the beat of your own drum. ( I had spoken those words earlier that morning, with a slightly different twist; I step to the beat of a different drummer) You don’t like people telling you how to do stuff.

Above your head, (referring to the color in the photo) is where you are right now. You are in a creative cycle right now, but you’re putting a lot of thought into it. You’re not just jumping in willy nilly here. You’re thinking about and putting process into what you want to create next. Really good energy. Your aura is huge, by the way. Your aura is probably four to five feet out.

You have this beautiful green orb over your heart chakra. It tells me two things. You truly speak all of your truth through your heart. And you’ve been working on something in your heart. You’ve done a lot of work on this, because the color is not very deep. You’re doing good. [Liz was spot on about my heart chakra because of a personal processing I’ve been going through for the past two years; I’m on the tail end of it.] Beautiful photograph. I love that we can hardly see you in there!”

In the second photo taken during channeling the White One:

They are an intense bunch. Holy Moly! All of this red is the intensity of their energy. They like you and that is why they vibrate with you. They also love life. They also like to play and have new adventures and experience new things. That’s part of why you channel them. I can tell they are holding back their energy a little bit. I know this because if they were fully here, they would fill the whole photo. I know they did this to protect the camera. The color is solid all the way around. It’s just a beautiful emanation of their energy. Just amazing beings. Your face is completely different in each photograph.

I shared with Liz when the second photo was taken, my eyes were rolled back in my head, in rapid eye movement (REM) and I was seeing multiple flashes of light above me. I was in an altered state of consciousness and Liz could tell this. I normally don’t do this when trance channeling. This must have been part of adjusting the energies for the safety of the equipment.

Liz’s experience while the photographs were taken:

“Thank you again for the honor of taking your photo and that of your Angelic family. I found the language so different, yet fascinating. He greeted me and thanked me for taking the photo. He said it was part of your growth experience and another part of you finding yourself1. That was all he said, until he thanked me again before departing. I really loved the energy, so powerful and yet so tender and loving.  Gave me massive Godbumps!  I’m so grateful our paths have crossed. Thank you again for today, I will treasure this experience always.”

Blessings and love,


In my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, I shared one of my missions in this current life is to reveal more of myself.

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