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Are you seeking to have a better and clearer connection to your Spirit Guides and angels? Is your life so busy there is no time for exercise and self care? It is very important that the human body is exercised for optimum organ function and our state of happiness.

When our circulation is stimulated and moving faster, the energy in our systems raises to a higher vibration. Even just walking around the block in your neighborhood is a beneficial exercise. In the northern hemisphere, we are entering into the season of reflection and inward journey, as we “hibernate” in our homes and work spaces. Some of us have a gym membership and others have exercise equipment in their homes.

Our angelic helpers have to lower their vibration to communicate with us who are in a lower, third dimensional vibration. By increasing our vibration through healing, meditation, forgiveness, and movement of our bodies, we can connect much easier with our angels and guides. Yoga, Tai Chi, hiking, walking, skating, swimming and dancing are examples of movement that open our energy channels in our bodies.

By increasing your blood circulation throughout your body, you are also creating a healthy circulation of energy throughout the Universe. Just as the planets and stars affect us, we affect them too. This is because we are all connected to everything and everyone in the cosmos. The increase in circulation causes an increase in oxygen to the brain, helping us to think clearly and process all that is occurring within and around us.

A good way to test these concepts out is to keep a journal for a week and incorporate body movement in your lifestyle. Even just thirty minutes a day, will cause a change. Then, after the week, check in with your guides and angels. Ask them if they are sensing a closer connection to you. They may give you ideas and suggestions to modify or alter your movements, to tailor the best ones for you.

I’d like to hear from you and how you connect with your angels and guides.


Blessings and love,



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