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Barbara I would love to thank you so much for my Channeled Healing session this past Friday!   I am so excited to know I am on the right path thanks to you.  Your book was wonderful!  The reading was so amazing!  I feel as if you were in my life at the perfect time.  I feel confident that you will always be in my heart/life forever, thanks to your reading.  I look forward to future readings and your new book! You are such a warm, gifted insightful person. You are a gift.  Sincere thanks for all you have done for me.  I will encourage others to seek your guidance. 

Fondly, Jill

I first came to Barbara for healing of my deep fear of speaking my truth.As a doctoral student, I knew this fear would keep me from achieving my goals and dreams. Secretly, I had also hoped for physical healing of my knee; I had experienced stiffness, swelling and pain for four years. Everything I tried up until that point had not brought lasting relief, so I did not mention it as I felt it may be a “lost cause”.

During my session, I felt many beings working with Barbara and facilitating healing.  I felt as though surgery was being performed on my knee. I knew I had received a powerful healing that afternoon.

One month later, the pain in my knee is 100% gone, the stiffness is 95% gone, and I did not undergo traditional surgery! I am back to walking two miles each day and am beyond delighted! I recently gave a presentation to my doctoral cohort of over 25 students and was composed and confident, even humorous. This transformation has been a wonderful gift, blessing, and miracle in my life. I am very grateful to Barbara for sharing her profound healing gifts and talents.

L.M., Arizona

My very first experience of Barbara was at a group healing service she conducted in the summer of 2013. I honestly knew little of what I was attending aside from being told that she could heal a whole room of people at once. As I sat down to receive the healing I instantly began to feel my body tingling and shifting with subtle movements. Being very sensitive to energy, I was able to not only feel but recognize the amazing gift she was giving all those participating in the group.

Since that first experience, I have had 3 private sessions with her and attended a number of group healings and each time I can feel her work expand and grow stronger. All I can say is the healing she does is absolutely incredible and very unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is powerful beyond measure but more than that, Barbara is such a vessel of unconditional love that it would be impossible not to heal in her presence.

My life has dramatically changed since working with Barbara. I am happier, healthier, and more confident in myself. Before I met her I was living in a very fearful and hopeless state and I felt very confused and alone. Now I can tell you that every single day I feel stronger and more at peace with myself. When I think of Barbara my heart literally swells with gratitude as I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience her and her gifts

I highly recommend her healing services to any and all looking for a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life. I am quite certain there is nothing she cannot heal. I also highly recommend her book as her story it is very enlightening and such a beautiful inspiration to remember it’s never too late to add a little more love in our lives.

J.L., Arizona

Expansion, and Healing out in the Cosmos. Barbara gives Group Healing a whole new opportunity for those ready to Receive. 2 days later and I am still feeling that tremendous Bliss. And you’re right, this time it felt so much more magnified. Thank you so much, Barbara, for traveling to share your Gift & Group with us! I’m so happy I brought friends this time to share with! I wish this for EVERYONE to experience 🙂

Stephanie, Arizona

My experience with Barbara was very peaceful. I felt this peace over me that I know was there but had been hidden for quite some time. I was able to get in touch with my inner self to start my new journey. I’m very excited to get that going now that I know it’s okay. I wasn’t sure what my purpose was for me. Now, I can begin it without second guessing myself! It’s a wonderful thing and I thank Barb for that.

C.B., Arizona

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