Full moon on cactus

All of us experience fear and insecurities at times in our lives. These feelings are based on factors outside of our selves, and sometimes our worries come from an unreal or irrational basis. We can succumb to these fears and worries and spend our lives stagnant and stuck in the mud of hopelessness. Or, we can go inward, tap into our inner power and intuition, to determine what steps to take to move upward and forward in our lives.

When living in the world as an un-awakened human being, our light is diminished and our auras are close and contracted to our physical bodies. When we embark upon our awakening, understanding we are more than what we see and feel in this third dimension, our light becomes brilliant and our aura expands and brightens. A light bulb of awareness turns on, so to speak.

Everyone has an array of tools to help oneself to awaken. One tool is the psychic skill of intuition. We learn how to use our intuition for our highest and greatest good, through repeated lessons in facing our fears and challenges. Claircognizance is the ability to just “know”; like the time I found the Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, Elizabeth Kuester, in a tiny advertisement of an angel communicator’s newsletter. When I saw the name of the healing modality, I knew nothing about it, other than this will be the cure for my physical urticaria condition that required round-the-clock anti-histamine medications. And I “knew” this fact just as sure as the air we breathe. Following my intuition, I called Elizabeth. Thus, began a year of once-a-month treatment, that ultimately led to my freedom from all allergies and allergy medications for the past eleven years.

An essential component of intuition is trust. Trusting ourselves that what we are seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing, is the truth. Whether we like the information or not, we are being given information about ourselves and how we are walking our path of life experiences. If we determine the information to be false, it would be wise to understand there is truth in everything, on some level. We benefit the most when we distill the important facets of the information that helps us to gain insight about ourselves. Are we bringing our best to the collective table of life? Are we swayed and sucked into the illusions of separation and ego based fulfillment? Is our present being in the now, living with integrity, in truth, love, compassion, and forgiveness? Do we brighten the room with our positivity, or do we dim it with our state of being negative? Are we working on our personal pieces, to be who we really are?

Our intuition is at its greatest strength when the full moon occurs. Our psychic abilities are enhanced during the three days leading up to, during, and just after the full moon. The full moon can also represent the time where we are experiencing an inner desire to know more about life. If fear is dominating our thoughts, then this is the time to release those distortions in order to move forward into our greatness. Now, in the history of humanity, is the time to clear out old patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that no longer serve us in reaching our highest potential as a Self-Realized being. Through healing sessions, our past life lessons that resulted in fears, that became the energetic baggage we now carry, can be removed and released. Our brightest and fullest reality can be created if we so choose.


If you are facing fears or struggling with your life experiences, a channeled Star Energy Healing can promote a healing that is in alignment of your Soul Path and removing past life karma. For more stories of my healing gift, please consider reading my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. If you are guided, please contact me.

Love and blessings,

Barbara Becker


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