Rush hour traffic


Life is a dance. We are meant to walk through a variety of experiences to learn and grow. Some dances are fun, others are not. Take the dance of frustration. It never feels good, but there’s a lesson in it, every time it appears in our life. If we can change our perspective in a frustrating experience, we can remove frustration forever more.

I used to be frustrated with people while driving in my car. Other cars cutting me off nearly causing an accident and me stomping on the brakes causing objects on the seat to land on the floorboard, adding to the feeling of my stress and frustration. I thought feeling frustrated with people was a normal behavior. The frustrating story of my traffic travels fed the fuel of misery when I talked about “some guy or gal” cut me off again! I took it personal and felt it was very much them against me.

A kind soul in spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles, shared with me a bit of advice during a private teleconference in 2002. When I’m frustrated in traffic, just remember to tell myself that everything is in right order. In order for me to understand Dr. Peebles perspective, I decided to play with the frustrating situation. I imagined that the person who changed lanes in front of my car, “on short notice”, is Jesus Christ. In that moment of realization, knowing that Jesus is indeed inside of all of us, I tapped into my love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. Perhaps Jesus was in a hurry to help someone or to help me learn to be forgiving. I took it one step further and imagined that the person who “cut me off”, was me. Another realization occurred. They are me! I am them. We are One. I expanded this realization to understanding everyone driving their vehicles on the road, are me. This is when the shift in perspective occurred. From that moment and to this day, when I drive, I no longer feel frustrated. No matter what the traffic patterns and behaviors present to me, I understand all is in right order. We do create our reality.

When we change our perspective about frustrating experiences, we begin to have awesome perceptions of our reality. For instance, when traffic becomes congested, or we find ourselves driving behind a slower moving vehicle, or an animal walking on the road, it could very well mean that Divine timing is occurring in order that an accident involving us is prevented. When we no longer feel frustrated in our driving experiences, our stress level is reduced, thereby, providing us with abundant health and prosperity of not having to spend our funds on healthcare. We create and we can re-create our reality by changing our perspective.

We don’t have to stop here. The dance of frustration can be found in other areas of our life, not just when driving. Communicating with others in business meetings and talking with our spouse and neighbors, are a couple of instances where frustration can rear its head. As we apply the gift of being able to change our perspective, to our interactions with one another, and the circumstances we find ourselves in, we heal ourselves, remove frustration and create more peace and love in all inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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