Channeled Healing Session with the WhiteOne

Are you wondering what more there is in life for you? Would you like to not have to take medications? Are you interested in receiving loving and gentle energy healing treatments that work in tandem with your physician and the treatment the physician prescribes for you, with the intention of no longer needing those drugs? Healing sessions with Barbara can help you release old patterns that you no longer need. This frees you to live your life in joy and as a creative adventure.

During a healing session, Barbara channels God’s Love, Light, Truth, Beauty, and Inspiration to help you connect with the Christ Consciousness that radiates through you. Beings of Light will come in and perform the healing and adjustments to help you open blocks to allow the free flow of energy that promotes health and provide an opening of clarity in what you are seeking and creating.

Barbara has witnessed Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Buddha, Sai Baba, Native American Medicine Healers, and others come into her body during the healing sessions. Every healing session is based in love, compassion, and the Christ Consciousness. Barbara’s clients feel love and contentment after their sessions.

What is a Healing Session like?

Barbara Becker Healing Sessions are held over the phone.

Barbara will invite your guides and angels to assist in the healing. She will also invite the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Beings of Light that are in your’s and her highest and greatest good. During the session you may see colors, feel heat or cold sensations. Tingling sensations may occur. You may see or feel the presence of your guides and angels, the Ascended Masters, or even pets and loved ones who have crossed over.

Your comfort and well being are Barbara’s highest priority. Your healing heals you and everyone on the planet, because you are connected to everyone and everything. It is Barbara’s honor and gratitude to be the channel for God’s Grace to facilitate your healing, peace, balance and joy.

How to schedule a healing session

1. Contact Barbara for a session by messaging her via email:

2. Barbara will contact you by email to schedule the date and time for your session.

3. After you’ve received the email confirmation of your scheduled appointment, click on the PayPal button for the amount of time you prefer and complete the transaction.

4. You will receive the registration information for the Zoom meeting and passcode information. 

5. After your session, click the link in the email Barbara will send to you. You can download it to your computer. If you prefer not have your session recorded, just let Barbara know.

Click below to purchase a healing session

$65.00 per 30 minute session
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$125 per hour
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Please note all sales are final, as Barbara does not give refunds.
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Barbara will contact you by email or phone to schedule your appointment.

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