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My three card reading was extremely helpful to me.  Barbara was able to clarify issues of great concern and provided me with hope for the future. I don’t think anyone could ask for more! Her gifts of Love and Truth are evident in all she does.
B.J.S., Arizona

Barbara, I just want to thank you for an amazing angel reading and your genuine compassion! Anybody looking for an accurate angel reading, Barbara is your lady. She is awesome and so kind!!
M.V., Florida

Today I had a Free three card reading with Barbara and as usual, I could not focus on the question to even ask as I seemed to have ‘so many cards myself up in the air’.  As Barbara spoke, I found not only did she answer what I was asking for, but she went above and beyond the original question in ways, I never thought possible.  Her words helped to bring so much of my thoughts and concerns back into focus.  Funny, she answered all my ‘cards’ and the bottom line of today’s reading was ‘focus’.  Interesting how that works out, thank you, Barbara.

J.G., Louisiana

Hi all. I just wanted to share my experience with my Free 3 card angel reading with Barbara. AMAZING!! She was spot on with the events that are unfolding for me. She was caring, friendly, uplifting, and left me with real peace and joy. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience a reading with her and have such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!!! I left with guidance, peace, and true encouragement. I will never forget this experience, ever. THANK YOU, BARBARA!

J.J., Florida

Well, I must say that your guides and mine were accurate. They went straight into my soul and knew I am to be a healer/teacher.  Now I know why certain things started to happen to me many years ago. The reading made sense. I was surprised that the fairies came through. I have heard about them but never really paid much attention.

L.C., Canada

I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely Angel Tarot reading. I was somewhat shocked when I realized that much of what was coming through correlated to areas in my life I’ve felt “stuck” in. These revelations have me looking closer and clearer at my life and circumstances. I didn’t know what to expect in your reading for me, but now I know that you truly relay messages for my highest good! Many blessings to you!

R.M., Texas

This comprehensive guidance is more than just a report, its YOU! The price is worth it!

H.S., Germany

I would like to let everyone know that I had a Great Angel Tarot Reading with Barbara and her Higher Self and all they revealed to me was very accurate. I have been unemployed for about four months and have been very concerned about getting a job. She revealed to me that I would be getting a job. The day after I had my reading I received a call from my former employer wanting to know if I wanted my job back!!! and of course, I start back to work April 1, WOOHOO! So I just wanted to let everyone know that Barbara and her Higher Self are very loving and accurate. She made me feel so comfortable and loved, thank you again, Barbara. 🙂

Starfire, Arizona

The Angel reading I received from Barbara was truly Divine!  Her accuracy and detail are astonishing, and she gave me much peace and comfort for what is to come in my life.  She answered my questions with love and compassion, and I feel very clear about what I need to do to move forward.  I am so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Barbara.  I highly recommend her services.

C.P., Arizona

Barbara has a warm, welcoming presence. Her healing brings a profound sense of peace, comfort, and loving power through her hands, words, and heart. Her tarot reading helped me gain insight into a major concern in my life. Her openness and light helped me understand my own that are waiting to be brought more fully into the world. You provide yourself with a wonderful gift when you work with this gifted healer.

A.I., Seattle

Barbara, I feel you have illuminated the path for me to this new chapter of my journey, and I am deeply grateful.  Thank you again for agreeing and growing in your work that you would be here as a gift to so many.

O.S., Arizona

Thank you for this wonderful gift. What a beautiful, inspiring reading! You are obviously a very talented lightworker as well and hit the nail on the head with your cards!


Barbara, I want to thank you for sharing your gifts with me in such a generous manner. I want to thank you in particular for reading the cards for me today. The messages were guided by love that I could feel, with a strong resonance with the events in my life and the path I am going through in my spiritual growth, and that were for my greater good, to use your expression. May God continue to bless you with gifts for the service of many people.

N.S., Arizona

Wow!!!!! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL reading. I really appreciate the time you took and I could feel your compassion. Well, I am very lucky the Angels sent you to read for me.

J.C., Arizona

Thank you for being an inspirational guide on my journey through this life.  Your wisdom and insight have helped me gain perspective on many questions that I’ve had concerning my path.  When I seem to be falling backward again – I think of our sessions and your healing energy pulls me through!

T. K., Indiana

What impressed me very strongly was the range of topics and the clarity which came through from you in answer to my questions.  You advised me at the beginning of the reading that you worked with three decks of cards and I do feel the guidance you received from each deck and each Spirit of Light was perfectly directed to address my individual considerations — and spot on, the guidance was, too!  With each expression of guidance, you also provided suggestions for a resource, a modality, a specialized practitioner or a book, to serve as a “boost” to the information.  How very helpful — thank you!   You specifically opened me to an understanding the Fairy Kingdom was in particular and loving alignment with me; a delightful surprise and one I am honored to connect with more fully. The healing I received towards the conclusion of our reading is one I shall treasure and replay over and over for even deeper healing.

C.C., South Carolina

Thank you so much for the Angel Card Tarot Reading.  It’s exactly the message I needed to hear from my angels to reassure the path I’m taking is of my true soul purpose. Much appreciation for your time and service to humanity!

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