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Channeled Heart-Centered Psychic Healing Session — $250

Bring your questions to the session to receive healing and guidance from your angels, higher self, and guides. These sessions are equivalent to having an Angel Reading and Healing Session, all in one.

What happens during a channeled session?

The mathematical star language will be channeled through Barbara’s vocal cords. This language originates from God/Creator Source, bypasses the recipient’s ego and goes straight into the subconscious, causing healing on multiple levels.

Information is channeled and gives the client messages. After the messages, questions are answered. If the client needs healing, one of Barbara’s Guides will conduct a body scan to look for anomalies, adjust the client’s star codes if needed for optimum function, and remove any unwanted entities in the auric fields of the client. This is done gently and easily.

Barbara will connect with the client’s Higher Self for guidance, life purpose questions and communicate greater understanding of life experiences.


These sessions are given online or in-person. The platform is used for online sessions. This facilitates sessions for people all over the world with internet access.

Please Contact Barbara Prior To Purchase

How to schedule a session

1. Contact Barbara for a session by messaging her via email:

2. Barbara will contact you by email to get the information she needs from you to schedule the date and time for your session.

3. After you’ve received the email confirmation of your scheduled appointment, click on the PayPal button for the amount of time you prefer and complete the transaction.

4. You will receive the registration information for the Zoom meeting and passcode information.

5. After your session, you will be sent the link for the recorded video. You can download it to your computer. If you prefer not have your session recorded, just let Barbara know.

Click below to purchase your session

$250.00 for One Hour Session 

Please note all sales are final, as Barbara does not give refunds.
All transactions are processed on a secure server to ensure your
privacy and the safety of your financial information.

Barbara will contact you by email or phone to schedule your appointment.

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