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As we live our life as a creative adventure, our path can change along the way. Changing our relationships and our careers is just part of the journey. My career changed several times since becoming a Registered Nurse. I am now content in my current creation as a channel, healer, author, and psychic angel communicator.

When I was in high school, my inner guidance told me a career in nursing would give me the knowledge and skills to handle all forms of illness and injury. At the time, I perceived this would also help to reduce medical expenses for my future family, as I would be able to determine what could be taken care of at home versus seeking medical treatment with a doctor.

Looking back over the twenty-two years of hospital nursing, I learned a lot about the human body and its organ systems. My focus was critical care and emergency medicine. I was passionate about critical care. I perceived caring for my patients with drugs, chemicals and the human touch. My nursing career was very material based, and directed at treatment and the prevention of illness. When I began opening up to the metaphysical cause of disease and conditions, my perception of treatment took a different direction. I was introduced to therapeutic touch, Reiki, natural medicine, energy medicine and the intervention of the angelic realm. My experiences changed my perspective of being a critical skeptic, to a person being open to more that meets the physical eye with an intense desire to be more compassionate, loving and forgiving. My career changed from bedside nursing to medical claim insurance work. I had a special interest in insurance fraud investigation. My medical knowledge fit well with claim review. When the insurance career door opened, it afforded me more time and energy for my spiritual studies and growth.

In my Reiki II initiation, while in deep meditation, I realized I no longer had to save people like I did in critical care. That part of my life was over. Life for me, was about helping people on their journey. My heart’s desire evolved. I saw myself guiding people and helping them to change their perspective to one that promotes health, well being and the realization that they are not separate from God/Creator Source. I learned how to communicate with the angels, my guides and with all of life. I followed my heart’s desire to open up myself to understand who I really am. I discovered that I and everyone is a multidimensional being. I learned I am a star being and my mission is to bring more love to everyone and Mother Earth. My gift of channeling healing for people came to the surface. It was revealed to me I am in more than one place at the same time. 

Can you see how the two former careers complemented each other and allowed the spiritual career to evolve? Is there any reason to regret that I did not start out my first career more along the line of spirituality? The answer is no. I was meant to experience my life just as I did and allow it to change. All of the information and skills I learned in medicine helps me to understand my current clients and their daily life challenges. I also realize in my nursing career I was using my intuitive psychic skills without knowing it.

The most important ingredient of a career path is to choose one that you are passionate about.  Can you feel it in your heart? What drives you and instills the desire to wake up in the morning ready to meet the world with enthusiasm? The second ingredient is to be open if and when your career changes. When one door closes, another opens. Have faith and walk through the new door. Your career, your life is a creative adventure. Follow your heart's desire and live your passion. All will fall into place in Divine order and in Divine timing.

Blessings and Joy!

Barbara Becker
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