“Simplify your life. You don’t grow spiritual, you shrink spiritual.”

― Steve Maraboli: Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Throughout my life I’ve had yard sales to release objects I no longer desired or needed. What I noticed is the affects to my health when I had a yard sale, or donated or gifted my “stuff”. And that’s exactly what it does to us, after accumulation of many objects, we become stuffed. The stuffiness condition becomes a symptom and reflection of ourselves. We become sluggish and our minds can’t think smoothly and as creatively as they are meant to.

I’ve heard when we hoard our belongings, it’s a statement that we are not enough. We are living in a lower vibration of neediness and attachment to objects. And look at the word “belongings”. It’s a way of saying “I be long to this thingamajig.” Do we really belong? Is the object our true identity? I thought we are infinite multi-dimensional beings who have everything we can imagine? I’ve also heard that everything is God, and belongs to God, it’s not ours. We are the stewards.

During the journey in life, for some of us the desire to hold onto our stuff becomes less. We let go what no longer serves us. This includes objects, old programs and beliefs that no longer fit our current state of being. When I release an object through a yard sale or a discard, I can feel the inner light brighten inside of me. I feel lighter and freer from the object. This feeling of release is multiplied when there are many objects released.

An interesting experience occurred when I released a computer external hard drive by dismantling it and crushing the two metallic disks that contained all the information. I wore goggles and used a hammer outdoors to destroy the metal disks. It felt wonderful to release the energy. I thanked and blessed the components of the hard drive for its service to me. When I finished the procedure, my mind felt clearer and more relaxed. I had been carrying that hard drive around for two years, figuring one day I will get around to retrieving all the data I wanted before destroying it. This hard drive had old technology and was not as easy to use as the current one I have. The hard drive is symbolic of my mind and brain that receives and stores data. When I cleared the “files”, I cleared my thought processes. I found I could remember names and images much easier. I also felt a calming effect in my mind and through out my body. My muscles were not as tense.

When we have less, more is able to come in, because we created the void where matter and spirit can reside in balance.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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