This is the time of year when the veil between the dimensions is the thinnest, especially October 31 to November 2. Contacting your loved ones (humans and pets) who have crossed over, is much easier than other times. Wonderful psychic mediums hold seances to help get messages through in both directions. It is a form of healing when people communicate with spirit and bring closure to the loss and feeling of a void.

For those who are not accustomed to speaking with spirits, it can be somewhat unsettling when a voice or whisper is heard, a breeze is felt in a closed room, or a shadow is seen in the peripheral vision. Like most things in life we don’t initially understand, once the encounter is repeated and the results are familiar, communication with spirits can be comforting.

Even when the spirit you are talking with is not of the most friendly kind, you can rely on your love and compassion to keep centered and feeling safe. Remembering you are the light and the love, helps you to feel and be the peace you are seeking in the world. Everything is consciousness, this includes spirits.

I remember years ago, speaking with Dr. Peebles (the spirit who allows himself to be trance channeled) through trance channeler, Summer Bacon, about communicating with spirits. He told me, “There are trapped entities around me and that they exist everywhere, not necessarily in one particular house or building. They are just “passers-through”, who are are wandering the Earth.” His recommendation to me is to say out loud, “Hello, I see you. What in the world, how did this happen? Do you realize you don’t have a body?” Some spirits will be startled by this and others will understand. Communications can be conducted telepathically. And to keep the connection with them I will need to release myself from the confines of this Earth. In other words, step into an altered state of consciousness. Using my imagination, I can help them go where they need to go. Its not for me to decide where the spirit is to go.

We have a wonderful helper in this form of service and we know him as Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is an aspect of us that is powerful and protecting. In that respect, we can ask Archangel Michael to assist the dear spirit to where they need to go. He’s very versatile. He can drive a car, a horse buggy, a space ship, whatever you imagine. After introductions are made, you can offer the spirit to go with Archangel Michael. And it works, every time!

When communicating with loved ones who have crossed over, just holding a photo of them, or speaking their name and they will appear to you. Its nothing difficult, especially now. Listen for a sound, a breeze, some form will make itself present to you. Trust your inner knowing. Always speak kindly and lovingly. If you have unfinished business and unresolved conflict with your soul family spirit, then speak your truth, share your feelings and then listen, really listen with your heart. You are listening to you speak to you.

Its also possible for your pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge to come through at the most unexpected and delightful moments. Enjoy the interlude to express your love and joy, knowing they are with you always. When you have completed the communication with spirits, express your gratitude and love. Communicating with others on the other side of the veil is natural and commonplace as we go forward on our spiritual journey in the human experience.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker  

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