In this time of technology devices and busy lifestyles of the family, its important to cultivate harmony in our home. Harmony is a simple concept if we choose it to be. My thoughts about family harmony are from my personal experiences, observations I’ve made and from clients who I have guided in their concerns and issues with family matters and found harmonious solutions. I offer to you some ways to incorporate harmony in your family:

1. Instead of yelling at your spouse or significant other, invite an opportunity for both of you to sit down and calmly discuss the issue at hand, by identifying each of your needs. Children can become ill from clearing out your negativity. 

2. Use the word, “I” in your sentences. This keeps the conversation less threatening and its a way we take self responsibility for our feelings and perceptions.

3. Work on a solution together. Try to uncover the underlying reasons for behaviors that result in anger and worry.

4. Provide a safe, non-threatening and nonjudgmental environment for your children, so they can open up and talk about what is bothering them. Never ask your child to render an opinion about you and your spouse’s personal relationship issues. This is inappropriate. Never talk about your financial worries in front of your children. Instead, share the solutions you have developed that will help the family save money, be thrifty, and contribute to everyone’s well being, including Mother Earth.

5. Plan a family fun time once a week. This could be a Friday or Saturday evening of board games or outdoor activities such as swimming in a pool, hiking on a trail, etc.

6. Allow the children to choose what they would like to do at least once a month. This teaches them the role of leadership and contributing to the family experience. Never blame a child for any decision that didn’t turn out well. Do help them to learn that there is a reason for everything. Inspire your child to see the silver lining behind every cloud. This is called healthy optimism and will facilitate the child to have a higher vibration, be happier and healthy.

7. Eat at least one meal a day together. This facilitates bonding of family members to one another. No cell phones at the table. This is family time. Make it special. Don’t even answer a phone, unless there is an emergency situation at hand, or there is anticipated wonderful news of a baby being born. Plan a meal together. Cook and prepare a meal together. These are life skills you can teach your child and will promote a sense of tradition.

8. Bless your food and water. Bless your home, the Earth, and each other. Blessings raise the vibration of everyone and everything.

9. Create a lifestyle that includes exercise. Go camping and experience how food tastes better outdoors in Nature.

10. Teach your children about money and finances, respect, honoring one another, fire safety, meditation, cultivating friendships, community service, house cleaning, laundry skills, cooking, growing vegetables and flowers, cultivating happiness and gratitude, cultures around the world, music, art and much more. You get the idea. When I was a child my girlfriend and I put on live performance skits in front of our families. We charged everyone a dime for admission. Everyone had a great time.

The family is an integral part of our community. Love starts with family and family starts with love. The children that are coming to the world need a safe and nurturing environment that the family provides with love and support. Supporting your children in what ever their dreams are for creating more love on the planet, will create harmony and peace throughout the entire Universe because its all connected.

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker

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