Have you noticed there are a lot of people moving to new locations on the planet? Almost every week another friend is moving to another town. It’s like a party of musical chairs as people are wanting to be in a locale that suits their taste and resonates with their hearts, except everyone finds a chair, a place to call home. Now more than ever it’s important to be creating the life and home you have always wanted.

We are downsizing and transforming our lives to be more simple and easier. People are learning to grow their own food and sharing their bounty with their neighbors, as their neighbors do the same. This is the sense of nurturing community that people are longing for. The insensitive, distant lifestyle is being transformed into what we envision a happy and optimistic family oriented living to be. People are taking more responsibility for their happiness by being of service to others, in their unique and most gracious ways.

Our planet has made the shift. We are going to make it into the fifth dimension as a Heaven on Earth reality. It’s going to take some work, and we can do it. Why? Because we are spiritual beings, full of love, with a mission of co-creating a close relationship with Mother Earth and one another. From my clair-cognizance, I know that 80% of the 7 billion people on the planet are awake. That means 1.4 billion are asleep and refuse to come out of the negativity. Their negativity is part of the balance as we and Mother Earth ascends. All are participating in creating Heaven on Earth.

In creating Heaven on Earth, allow all that is possible in your life to come into fruition. Meditate and listen to the gentle nudges of your angels and guides. Pay attention to the inner voice that guides in positive and loving ways. Be gentle with yourself. Come very clear in what you want to manifest in your dream location, lifestyle and relationships. Then, believe in your dreams, and be confident they will come true, or something even greater or better comes your way!

Blessings of joy and love!

Barbara Becker


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