Tis the season of giving and receiving. Its our nature of loving one another and ourselves because we are Creator Source. We come from Source where the Divine expression is Oneness. The giving and receiving cancel out because there’s no difference between the two actions. Its here on Earth, in the third dimension where we experience the duality of human life. Its an amazing concept to separate from the Oneness and perceive the duality, and the actions of giving and receiving, to remember that sensation and knowingness of One.

We come here as spirits, enter the human physical form and begin the dance of illusion versus what is really occurring. Most come here with the veil of forget and truly engage in the human tarot of learning our lessons and mastering our energies and the embodiment of compassion. Others, arrive with the knowing of our origin, and dance in the illusion as teachers and students of the Divine. It is a world of diversity and richness in experiences we came here for. In that mission, we agree to assist in the ascension of Mother Earth, by loving her, protecting her and nurturing her. Because we are connected to the planet, what we do for ourselves and one another, we do for her. There are gifts we rather not receive.

Probably one of the most difficult expressions of giving and receiving is the loss of a loved one through disease, death, divorce or distance. The emotional impact of separation can be devastating, and yet, it is a gift we receive to love ourselves more and receive the experience of grief, sorrow and abandonment. Why would it be considered a gift? Because it takes us out of our comfort zone, and shatters the armor plating of taking things and people for granted, even when we can say we appreciate everything without expectations. Disease, death, divorce and distance brings us into our hearts and creates a space to love ourselves more. Self Love. These circumstances cause us to realize we are supported by the Universe/God, by our angels, guides and loved ones here in the third dimension and those who have already crossed over. It is in these circumstances our faith and trust are enhanced or the very least; restored. The sobering reminder for us is the fact that we asked for these experiences before we came here as newborns. Now its up to us how we walk through the experiences and ultimately, how we can assist and support others with the same life experience.

As we go forward into the new year, the veil between the dimensions is thinning even more. It is possible for you to see, feel, hear or know that the soul you love and is not in your present physical reality, is right here with you. Even those with an altered state of consciousness such as dementia, high fever, coma, etc. are here with you.  As we go forward in time, more and more of us are experiencing the Oneness and understanding that we never leave one another. It just appears so, prior to an expanded state of consciousness. And in this season of giving and receiving, be grateful for all of your life experiences. See each lesson in your life as a gift you gave yourself.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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