One of our life lessons is about trust. Trusting ourselves. Trusting everything will turn out just the way it was meant to. This includes your job, finances, relationships and your experiences. Even though you have been disappointed in the past, there is no reason not to have trust in the present moment.

In 2008, when my finances were low and about to start a bankruptcy, my angels spoke to me, “Renew your passport”. For a moment I thought my angels were talking to somebody else. But I was alone in the room. I said out loud to them, “Why would I renew my passport, when I had no plans to travel out of the country, nor the funds to take a trip?” In the next breath, I said, “However, you know what’s planned for me, so I will trust you and renew my passport.”

Twelve months later, my new boyfriend flew me to Switzerland to visit his family and friends. The angels knew and they wanted me to be prepared to go.

Before I began writing my book, Enclosure, I received a message from my angels. While walking down the hallway at home, I heard my angels tell me, “Finish your projects.” At first I didn’t understand why I had to finish my arts and crafts projects. I love to sew and paint. My intuition said to trust the message. I completed two jackets and either donated other projects or sold them in a yard sale.

When my projects were done, I received the message to begin writing my book. My angels knew the projects would be a lovely distraction from writing. All of my concentration was needed to focus on writing.

We can learn about trusting ourselves by looking at our own lives. Did you ever apply for a job at one employer, or several, and were declined? You may have had to wait what seemed like a long time, like months or several years, to land the job of your dreams? This was all about Divine timing of the Universe. Having trust that the right job at the right time will come about for you, will show it all turns out to be of the highest and greatest good of all concerned. This is because we are all connected. It could also be that the very act of waiting for the job was a lesson in trust.

When you trust yourself, you automatically trust the Divine Source. The whole Universe is conspiring to assist you on your journey here on Earth. A good affirmation in trust is this: “I trust myself. I trust God will reveal to me my highest and greatest good at the right moment.”

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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