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In this week’s article we are looking at fear, on the Level of Consciousness scale that David R. Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, describes as the vibratory rate of our energy fields. The rate is considered to be at 100, on a scale of 0 to 700. We are all made up of energy.

The exact opposite of love is not hate, its fear.  Fear is the state of being where one does not remember or know, we are the Beloved. When we exist in a higher dimension, say above the 4th, we no longer see anything that is not God/Creator. We understand the non-duality of everything and everyone. There is no bad vs. good, right vs. wrong. Here’s an example. When someone makes a comment about me creating a green smoothie in the blender with green leafy vegetables and other ingredients, with the phrase, “What kind of witches brew are you concocting now?!” In the 5th dimension I do not interpret their statement as being derogatory. Instead, I see it as a compliment and confirmation of my previous life as a witch in the 18th century, and during that life, I served people by healing them.

Fear is a constricting state of being where we block off the energies of abundance, health and perfect relationship with all of life. In my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, I described a situation where a woman was yelling at me about something that happened to her by a mutual friend. Instead of putting up a wall of fear around me, I allowed her negative energy to bypass me, go around me and go through me and outward, while not attempting to hold onto it. In that very moment, I received a download of information that said she was my sister in a prior life and I remembered how much love I had for her then. I tapped into that love and felt safe, unharmed, centered and at peace.

For most people who have had near death experiences and their heart beat stops and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is given, they report that they go to a place where there is pure love. When they return to their human bodies, they have a new perspective of life and fear is abolished. They share with us that we never die and that there is nothing to fear in our life. We have been conditioned to be afraid through our experiences of watching scary movies on TV and the theatre, reading books about crime and violence, the main stream news media, sharing stories about frightening ghosts, the “boogie man”, and other ways.

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Now, I will say that fear does have purpose in our life, because it serves as a communication device to keep us from harm. Standing too close to the edge of a cliff, we could be blown off balance by a gust of wind, and fall to a fatal outcome. Its our common sense that comes into play and prevents us from placing ourselves in a potentially precarious spot. At the same time, a base jumper stands next to the edge of the cliff, with a parachute strapped to his/her body, and has no fear when launching themself into the canyon below. It’s the parachute that removes the fear factor out of the equation.

Fear also provides a door to step through to attain mastery. Overcoming our fears through action enables us to break through our limitations. A good example of conquering fear is public speaking or singing in front of a live audience. We have all sorts of thoughts of failure and not measuring up to someone else’s standards. In order to break through the fear thoughts, we have to just take action. We don’t have to be perfect all the time.

Our fears can be removed through healing modalities. Therapists are trained to help people face their fears. A shamanic meditation can remove fears about our self. Before I did a shamanic meditation in 2002, I would not have returned to a hiking place in Sedona, Arizona, where I heard a demonic howling coming from deep in the woods, when I was 14 years-old. During the meditation I faced my fear and realized the demon I feared was me! I also have come to the realization that everything in our physical reality is an illusion.

Everything appears real because this is the third dimension. We see solid furniture, floors, walls, windows, trees, streets, etc. There are people who can see spirits. This means they are “seeing” into the 4th dimension. There are people, like myself, who can feel and hear spirits. We are spirits ourselves. We are energy. I have watched a branch on a tree outside the house with no bird on it. Suddenly, the image of a great horned owl appeared in the exact spot where my eyes were focused. I was wishing for an owl to be in the tree, and it appeared! This image of the owl looked and felt like the TV show, Star Trek, where people transported from the ship to the planet. The owl was real to me, or was it?

One last thing I want to say about fear is, it is best to face our fears, than to run away from them through alcohol or drugs. We have many ways to deal and process our fears. Tai Chi, Qi Gong, therapy, energy healing, past life regression techniques, and shamanic meditations, are some that come to mind. Abolishing fear is one of the features that my channeled healing addresses. During healing sessions, I take the person (their soul) into a past life, heal them, and bring them back. Transformation of the fear back into love occurs and life becomes a joy and a blessing again.

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker


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