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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, apathy is defined as a lack of interest or concern, a lack of feeling or emotion. On the level of consciousness scale, people who are apathetic, vibrate at 50, according to David R. Hawkins. The emotion is despair and the view of life is one of hopelessness.

People who are feeling apathetic perceive themselves as the victim of their circumstances because they don’t see the world as a learning school. Their view of the world is one of lost hope and not helpful at all. They focus on everything that has gone wrong and more of it continues to echo their apathetic thoughts.

People with a positive attitude have a better chance of overcoming apathy than those with a negative attitude about life in general. A positive attitude generates energy, gratitude and appreciation for all circumstances and experiences. We all have moments of disappointment when our plans don’t work out they way we want. Apathy can set in to help us handle the temporary depression, then as we re-direct our focus to a new project or another angle to tackle the first project, then the apathy fades away.

There can be underlying conditioning that prohibits a person from feeling they can rise from their circumstances. How we were treated by our family as children can certainly have an influence in our perception of ourselves, in the form of unworthiness, not feeling we are smart enough, and believing that we can’t break away from the genetic mold of our family traditions and doctrine.

How many of us were told as children we are masters of our universe and that life is a creative adventure? Probably very few were given healthy encouragement and support. We had to learn we are creators and co-creators of all of our experiences. I’ve noticed when I talk and listen to a client who is apathetic, I will offer another perspective. If the person who cannot and will not step back and see the big picture of their life and the challenging experiences meant for their growth, I must allow them to be where they are at on their journey. This is the most challenging part of my business, because I love my clients and want the very best for them. I never give up on people who are apathetic, because I know someday, something magical will happen for them.

Apathy can be destructive to our spiritual development. It misdirects our attention and intentions to improve ourselves and make this a better world to live in. Whenever you are feeling low energy, not caring about yourself and others, and feeling there is no hope for you, it’s time to call in your angels and guides to change your perspective. If you are so guided, seek help from a therapist, social worker, energy practitioner, naturopathic medical doctor, etc. to help you raise your vibration.

There are aromatherapists who specialize in intuitive essential oil preparations for these types of situations. Search on the Internet to look for the method that resonates with you the most. And above all, remember, this very lesson about the apathy we experience during our life, is about loving ourselves; loving ourselves to seek help, to be healed, and to raise our vibration permanently!

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker


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