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What is the dream state? Our dreams are messages that give us information about what we are experiencing when we are awake. For most of us, our dreams our pleasant and make sense. We do have dreams that don’t make sense at first glance. When we meditate on the meaning of our dreams, we can learn what the dream messages are about. We remember the most profound dreams the best. They could be either very pleasant, or very fearful. At times, we have dreams that appear as nightmares. Both types have a purpose.

Years ago, I had one of my favorite dreams about hiking among the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona. I was walking on a dirt trail. What was cool about this trail is that peanut butter and chocolate fudge oozed from the cracks in the huge boulders. All I had to do was scoop the goodies in the rock with my index finger and eat them. The dream about food was so pleasant I still remember it today. One might think I was craving Reese’s Cups. When I woke up from the dream, I thought, “What a wonderful concept- to have food on tap, along the trail anytime you are hungry!”

Dream interpretation books are available to us through bookstores and online stores such as When I looked up the meaning of the dream symbol of peanut butter in Mary SummerRain’s Guide to Dream Symbols, peanut butter is about a source of energy or motivation, or it could be about a sticky situation. The hiking on the trail was the walking of my journey in life. The chocolate indicates questionable pleasures; temporary enjoyments that may bring negative effects later on. Probably meaning the weight we gain when we eat too much chocolate. The fudge applied to hedging or grey areas. At the time of this dream I was married to my second husband and I was beginning to contemplate divorce. I still loved him, but could no longer be married to him. I moved out of the house the following year and later divorced. I could have stayed with my ex-husband, however, I would not have followed my heart to express who I really am in the world. I had to do this without him at my side. The hiking dream was messaging me about my decision to stay married or not. It is possible the same dream elements could have a different message for someone else. It depends on their circumstances and how it fits into a person’s reality and perceptions.


Golden dreams

In April of 2006, I spoke with Dr. James Martin Peebles, during a private trance channeling by Summer Bacon of Sedona, Az, about the dream state. I wanted to understand what the dream state is. He told me the dream state is a way of studying a particular part of ourselves. We go out to the ethers at night and put ourselves in a situation and play act with someone. That someone can be one of our guides pretending to be that person. Sometimes, it’s the actual person who plays with us, in the ethers. Then we return to our bodies and redesign our life and rediscover ourselves.

In another previous private discussion with Dr. Peebles, he said that I go around the world waking people up, while I sleep. The “waking up” is not physically waking people, rather, awakening them to their spirituality and helping them understand they are connected to everyone and everything.

In another dream, I saw myself on my spaceship, learning the healing mathematical language I speak during trance channeling for clients and groups. This dream was a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is where you are aware you are dreaming. The colors and imagery are vibrant and crystal clear. During the dream state we are doing several things. We are learning skills and concepts, role playing, and helping others. When our dream involves only us, we are being given a message about our life, from our guides, angels, and ourselves.

Mary SummerRain’s, In Your Dreams: The Ultimate Dream Dictionary, is the revised edition of her original work that I referred to earlier in this article. I highly recommend you keep a copy of a dream interpretation book next to your bed to help you interpret your dream elements. If after meditating about your dream, you cannot understand the messages, then contact a shaman, energy healer or someone who specializes in dream interpretation.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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