It’s October, 2013. The US Government is in a partial shutdown, animals are being abused, children are being bullied, the mainstream news media is not reporting the significant events of free energy technologies, the US debt is at $150,000,000,000,000, and on and on… Could our world get worse? Oh yes, it is, and it will. But keep reading, it's gets better!

Here we are on Earth, in the middle of the galaxy’s most incredible planetary evolution and we are expecting the worst. This realization, for those people who have not woken up to the fact and truth that we are ascending, it is very troubling. These dear sweet people are not sleeping at night. They are taking drugs and alcohol to numb and separate themselves from the pain and anguish they are feeling. They are suffering, big time. They will continue to suffer, because they refuse to wake up.

Those who are awake and aware, understand everything is in right order and we must walk through this birthing process. We are assisting Mother Earth’s birth ascension from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension. We can visualize this birthing like opening a coconut. We have to break down the old programs and systems (the hard shell) that are not in alignment with our spiritual being (inner soft white meat). The financial, religious, insurance, government, and communication programs must fall apart, in order for a new way of life to manifest. It’s like clearing out your closets, having a yard sale, and now there’s room for clean and free living space.

If we give loving allowance for those who refuse to wake up, and allow them to work off their karmic debt, we become free ourselves. More love and compassion is generated. When we hold the space of love and forgiveness to those who are creating such havoc on Earth, we become lighter and brighter, thus promoting our own ascension. Working on our own lessons helps to heal the whole planet too.

In order to walk through the Earth’s transformation, we must be strong, brave, and very centered in our hearts. Love is the key. Love is the currency of the Universe. We have love. We share love. This is the New Earth that we will be living, when we get to the other side of the current turmoil. We must remain positive, not negative. The turmoil is going to last for several more years.

In addition to being a channel, I’m an oracle. I went into meditation and asked to see what our Earth is going to look and feel like when she becomes 5th dimensional. Through my third eye, I saw a white dove. The white dove is peace. We are living in the last 3rd dimensional reality of Earth. We all are participating in the transition. Expect the best, not the worst, because the best is where we are heading. We are not alone. We have help in the angelic realm, of a magnitude well beyond our imaginations. Be the peace you seek in the world. Be the peace of our future, and it will manifest!


Blessing and love!

Barbara Becker


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