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photo by Dana Hoff, with permission


In Spiritual Tai Chi, I learned from Grandmaster Zaysan, the Buddhist wisdom: “Have no expectations, appreciate everything.” This philosophy promotes our inner peace and strengthens our inner power because we are not attached to objects, people and experiences. We are taught from our parents and teachers to be on time and to hold situations to be in a certain manner or way. When people are late or not meeting what we expect of them, we are disappointed and possibly even angry. Anger and frustration promote the release of stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin, causing dis-ease and disharmony within us, and our environment.

If we can not have expectations and appreciate everything, just as it is and everyone just as they are, we don’t lower our vibration, and stress hormones are not required from our internal organs. We maintain our inner harmony and peace.

You may be asking yourself, “How can I not expect people to be on time to my dinner? I went to great effort to prepare the table, the meal and the ambiance?” Your answer may be that your guests were either running late or the traffic jam delayed their arrival to your door. Or perhaps, that traffic delay was an auto accident your guests would have been in, if they were traveling earlier, thus never arriving at your door to enjoy your delicious meal and sparkling company. People will show up or not show up at the moment they are meant to. Events and situations will occur in what we call Divine timing and purpose.

Having no expectations of meeting anyone in traffic school, my soul mate and I arrived in the parking lot, parking our vehicles right next to each other, at the exact same moment. When he saw me, he made it a point to sit next to me in the traffic class. After class he asked me out for lunch. I agreed and we began dating, creating a relationship based in love. The events leading up to our meeting in traffic school was Divine timing and purpose. My boyfriend and I had no expectation of finding my soul mate at the time; certainly not in traffic school! Now when we hear of someone who needs to go to traffic school and they just happen to be looking for a sweetheart, we tell them, “Go! You never know who you might meet there!”

Appreciating everything and everyone gives us peace of mind, because we are not affected by external influences to support or justify how we are feeling in any given moment. Appreciation helps us understand everything is perfect. Even the uncomfortable situations we walk through become a joy as we understand them as just lessons on our journey to our hearts. We grow spiritually through our lessons. When we have no expectations and appreciate everything, our life lessons are easier and are perceived in harmony with our soul path.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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