Trust & Faith

Is it possible you are missing an opportunity that is right in front of your face? If you have a feeling in your gut this may be true for you, then it’s time to re-look at your situation. It’s just a matter of making a little adjustment in your perspective.

When we stress out, we have a tendency to hold on tighter. This turns our perception into tunnel vision. The communications from our angels is harder to hear and feel. Tension and anxiety lowers our vibration, making it even harder still, for our angels to deliver their messages in answer to our prayers and intentions.

The Universe is working hard for you. Messages are coming into your field of vision, yet you are not slowing down enough to see them. Relax and take a deep breath. Instead of focusing on what is not happening in your life, re-direct yourself to look at what you you have done and can do to realize your dream. A dream can be a new career, a new location to live, or a new or deeper relationship.

You may feel trapped in your current situation. Focus on what you do have, and not what you don’t have. Be grateful. Look at what you have accomplished. This will loosen your muscles, relax your brain, and open yourself to see from a new perspective. See yourself from a larger picture. How far have you come in your life? Things haven’t always worked to your advantage, but somehow, it all worked out, because you are still here and have choices to make. And this is the dance of life.

Become the receptor of instant messages from the Universe. In order for this to occur, you must have faith the messages will come. And they do. We are bombarded with messages everyday. Here’s a secret I will share: Ask your angels to give you the message you are looking for, in such a way, that there is no way you could not see, hear or feel it. I have done this many times and it works, instantly.

There is a possibility that you wanted to have a lesson in faith. This has happened to me too. If so, then demonstrate to the Universe that you trust your message will be delivered at the perfect moment. Then release it. Your ego may try to undermine your trust and faith, but you must re-direct your thoughts to the positive. An affirmation stating your trust and faith will help reinforce your resolve to be confident that the best opportunity for you is coming into your reality. At some point, you will need to give the situation up to God/Creator/Source/Universe. Why would you do this? Because you are part of a larger plan, a grand scheme of experience and movement toward the Divine. 

Keep in mind your thoughts create. If you are thinking about worry and what if things go wrong, then the Universe will match your vibrational thoughts. Meditating daily will help you become calmer and increase your ability to stay focused in the positive. Give the the world and the Universe your best, and they will lay the most perfect opportunities at your feet. The doors will open wide for you because your positive perspective will make it so. You are that powerful!

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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