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When I came home from my job at the hospital back in 1998, I just knew I would be leaving bedside nursing and entering the insurance field. I was already a legal nurse consultant with an independent practice. I had faith in myself I could transition my career to a completely different arena. When a friend called and asked me to accompany her to a job fair where there were insurance companies looking for nurses to work as claim reviewers, I saw this as a clear message to go. No questions, just go. I prepared my resume and wore a bright yellow top to help me stand out from the crowd. The yellow color expresses joy. Joy is the vibration I hold and used as an expression of my personality to the recruiters. It worked. I received a job offer within a week.

At this point, one would ask, if Barbara is to become a healer and channel, why would she go work in an insurance company? What did her angels have in mind? How did the insurance company job facilitate her becoming a channel? If I stayed working in the fast paced hospital career, I would not have the energy and time to devote to my spiritual studies. While others can find the balance between the exhausting work as an emergency room nurse and several other pursuits, I could not. The insurance claim review work environment afforded me the time, energy, and balance to focus on my spiritual path and eventually make the transition into my spiritual work full time.

I demonstrated to myself to trust my intuition when I announced to my husband at the time, that I would be working in the insurance field. I demonstrated my faith that what ever pursuit I chose, the Universe will provide the means for my heart’s desire to come into my reality. I’ve discovered it doesn’t matter how a person walks their path. For one person, a single job they perform all their life, works for them. For others, the life path becomes several different jobs, mixed in with time periods of no job at all. It doesn’t matter how it flows, our path is our path, period.

What about you? Do you trust the Universe will provide for what ever you need? Do you have faith in yourself, that you are the creator of your destiny and have free will to choose what ever you desire?


Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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