When you find yourself filled with fear and worry about an event or situation, remember you can change your thoughts to security, safety and success. To be free from fear, one must understand there is no control. The best one can do is to put their best effort and intention into a creation, project, and situations.

The same applies in our personal relationships. To give yourself the freedom to enjoy your life as it unfolds, in the manner it is meant to, is to say “Yes, I am enough and I love myself.” Being in a state of fear is saying to yourself, “No, I don’t believe in myself and how I will walk through this experience with grace. I’m stuck in fear my dear so and so will not make it, or will not succeed in their quest.” Your dear so and so, is yourself. You are not separate from your loved ones, or from anyone else for that matter.

Every situation is another opportunity to experience the belief and trust you have in yourself. Your loved ones and situations around you, in your consciousness, are a reflection of you. They are mirroring your thoughts, your actions and your beliefs. When you find yourself facing a negative situation, go deep inside yourself and observe your thoughts. Could they be more positive? In creating your reality, your thoughts create what you experience. What are you creating today… in this moment?

When you worry in fear about another person or animal, you are sending that same vibration to them and they can feel it. They will fulfill your belief as a manifestation of failure, illness, and disappointment. There is a better way. How about sending people and animals the feelings of love, success, wellness, and serenity? Everyone can do this. It's easy! Just change your thoughts by sitting down and feeling love, success, wellness and calm within and for yourself for five minutes. When you are in this state of bliss, send the feelings to the person or animal you are concerned about. They will feel it and respond accordingly.
Do you know when you change your thoughts from negative to positive, you create more peace and harmony on Earth? How does this work? It works because you are connected to everyone and everything. When I change, you change, and vice versa.

Every time you practice this fear abolishing technique, it becomes easier to do and the Universe supports your intentions of love, peace and harmony. Your life changes from being fear based to a life anchored in happiness and joy. Your happiness surfaces to the top. You feel lighter and joyful. You just created peace on Earth!


Blessings of joy!


Barbara Becker

November 1, 2012

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