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On the scale of the levels of consciousness by David R. Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force, the level of peace is where a person experiences the emotion of bliss and the view of life is one of perfection. People who are experiencing this level are vibrating at the frequency of 600, on scale of 20-1000. At this level, people become spiritual leaders and teachers, and the effect on humanity is appreciated as a great contribution to the global societies. They transcend religious structure and impart a perspective of pure spirituality where religions originate. One’s perception is now in slow motion, suspending time and space. This is what is meant as being “blissed" out. There is no separateness of anything or anyone. Everything is interconnected by the Oneness, or unbounded mind.

Finding inner peace is one of the gems of meditation and spiritual work on ourselves. Inner peace is the result of a disciplined simple life based in Self Love. Inner peace is the result of a commitment to ourselves to not only to see and feel love, but to be love. In our meditation practice we connect to the Divinity within us; a Divine Source that is always with us, supporting and loving us, unconditionally. Inner peace is remembering who we truly are; God/Creator Source. Just as God/Creator Source is multi-dimensional, omniscient, omnipresent, so are we. It is in the Oneness, that all is connected and not separate, we understand that all action is the Divine One. We are the observer or witness of the Divine in action.

When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is loved, all are loved.  At the level of peace, we see the balance in all struggles and gains in the world. We understand every experience has purpose and meant to be, in order for us to learn to love ourselves, and one another, no matter how another person presents. It is through our lessons and healing, we can attain inner peace. The manifestation of inner peace comes from the strongest and deepest intentions to realize you are love and accepting what is, and understanding only you can change yourself. Filling your cup with unconditional love, deep inner peace will be your vibration, regardless of the external challenges.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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