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It’s so easy to be grateful for the gifts of food, clothing, transportation, and the health we acquire through healing and medical and holistic assistance. But what about the gifts we receive through arguments, denial of services and opportunities, imposed hardships, and grief? These are gifts, even though they don’t feel like it at the time we are walking through these experiences. I’d like to give (gift) you a different perspective that may help you to be grateful for “everything”.

Years ago, after my first divorce, I received a tax bill from the Federal and State IRS divisions, just as I was about to enter a university program to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Since my ex-husband did not pay his portion of the taxes for the last year of our marriage, I was held responsible. This meant I could not enter college. I obtained a small loan from my parents (a gift in itself), and I paid the tax obligations. This meant I had to postpone my academic plans for one year, and pay back the money my parents loaned to me. At the time this happened I felt I got the short end of the stick. I took it personally and I was mad at my ex-husband. I filed a claim in small claims court and won. But I knew getting the money owed to me was another matter and would involve more expenses for me. I chose to drop it and devote the energy to seeking my goal of furthering my education.

The gifts were revealed a year later. When I presented the money to my parents, they said, “Keep the money, you don’t owe us anything.” The other gift was my decision to enter the Nursing program had changed. I learned that a Bachelor’s in Business Administration would serve me further and open more doors. Now, a year later, I was grateful for my ex-husband not paying the taxes, my responsibility, and my parents graciously helping me.

For this Thanksgiving, let us all be grateful for all the gifts we receive through our joys and sorrows. Although we may not appreciate it at the time, we can still have hope and faith that our Creator knows what’s best for us, even if we don’t. I send blessings to all and may your Thanksgiving Day be filled with love and gratitude for All That Is. 

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker

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