Grandma Mary

Have you had a mystical encounter with a relative that has crossed over? In other words, has your Grandma or Grandpa attempted to contact you after they left the earthly plane? My maternal grandmother has “shown up” several times in my life. There are many ways those on the other side can reveal themselves to us. Using our extra senses of claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, helps us to communicate with our loved ones. I’d like to share a couple of my experiences.
Years ago, one afternoon, after meditating in my living room recliner, I had a visit from my maternal Grandma Mary. I was alone in the house. In the adjacent dining area, the glass top and travertine base dining table had six chairs equally spaced around it. Before I went into meditation, I noted each chair was carefully lined up with the chair on the opposite side of the table. My recliner and ottoman were adjacent to the raised wood floor dining room, giving me full view of the dining set. When I opened my eyes after my meditation session, I saw the one chair on the side closest to me, was located about a foot away and at a forty-five degree angle from the table.
I noticed the change of the chair location immediately and felt someone was trying to communicate with me. This is my claircognizance in action. When you just know information, and don’t know how you know, that is claircognizance. You have an inner knowing about something.This is one of the extra senses we all possess. Some people have it more pronounced than others and it can be developed.
I asked my guide, “Who is trying to contact me?” I was told, “Your Grandma Mary. She is here and wants you to know she loves you and is watching over you.” I acknowledged my Grandma and spoke my gratitude for her loving watch.
Grandma Mary came through again, several years later, but in a different manner. This time she showed up as a vision in my third eye, and she wasn’t happy with me. At the time, a former boyfriend was showing me how to smoke a cigar. I just wanted to learn how to blow smoke rings in the air. We sat on my back patio and while I was exhaling, I saw my Grandma standing in front of me, in a wide stance with her hands on her hips. I could feel her displeasure! I told her mentally, “Not to worry, Grandma, I’m just doing this one time only.” When she was in her human body, owning and running a one hundred acre dairy farm in upstate New York, as a widow, she smoked cigars!
White roses
The image in my third eye is a demonstration of our clairvoyance. The feeling of my Grandma’s displeasure was my clairsentience. Feeling beyond this third dimensional reality, helps us to understand what a “person” is communicating to us. Hearing my guide talk to me is clairaudience. The moved chair is a form of tangible evidence that we are not alone and someone wants our attention. There was absolutely no reason for me to become fearful or alarmed by this occurrence. It was just a matter of me asking my guide who or what is trying to make contact with me.
Our loved ones who have crossed over, love us very much. They are part of our soul family and enjoy watching us learn and grow in our experiences in the human form. Our loved ones will attempt to communicate with us. Their attempt can be and often times will be in a manner that we are not familiar with, until we are accustomed to this form of contact. Do you have a similar experience to share?
Blessings and joy!
Barbara Becker
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