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As we explore our way up the spectrum of consciousness, from David R. Hawkin’s, Power vs. Force book, I will talk about grief in this article. Previously, I wrote about the grief we feel over the loss of a beloved pet. Grief can apply to not only when our pet dies, but also when they go missing. We experience grief when a human family member’s life on Earth ends. Anytime we lose or must put to rest a project, a business or other creative expression from our heart, we experience grief.

Other examples when we experience grief are:

•    Being fired from a job

•    Experiencing a miscarriage

•    Losing health from a serious illness

•    Selling a home or car that has been with the family for many years

•    Divorce

•    Bankruptcy

When we form attachment to people, pets, objects, and states of being, we appreciate and embrace them as part of our normal reality. It is normal to be attached to your spouse or significant other. There is a mutual bonding of love, passion, compassion and support in relationships. Certainly, the attachment we feel for our children is very profound. The loss of a child can have a devastating effect on both parents.

We become attached to our cars because they provide so much for us. Things like transportation, shelter, the ability to see the beautiful countryside, keeping us cool in the summer with the air conditioner, and warm in the winter with the heater, we appreciate them for their service to us. I remember, when I sold my thirteen year-old Honda Accord to my car mechanic, I felt sadness as the memories from the years came rushing into my consciousness. This feeling of grief surprised me. I did not know the degree of attachment I had for that car.

Losing a pet under any circumstance can cause an enormous amount of grief. They are our family members. And it doesn’t matter if our cat or dog dies naturally from old age, or they are left in a hot vehicle. I know its easy for people to judge one another and throw accusations of lack of responsibility and such, however, until we sit down with the person(s), we really don’t know how they are feeling. Do we always do things perfectly in every given moment in our life? I don’t think so. We are all on this journey to the heart of Self Realization, and it will take many lessons to get there. And yes, I agree through education and awareness, we do things better. At the same time, I’m not ignorant of people in the world who are here to cause suffering and mayhem at all costs. They are truly on a mission of destruction of the self. I will always hold the light that there is goodness in the world and it will prevail and surpass all amounts of evil.

People will experience grief in different degrees and for different amounts of time. For instance, when our cat, Mr. Mom died of natural causes in our home, on the sofa where he loved to watch TV with us, I grieved for eight months. It wasn’t constant. There would be days I felt better and at other times a memory would come rushing in and the tears would flow like a river. Eventually the grief was replaced with pleasant memories and the consolation knowing I cared for, and loved this Divine animal spirit.

As an animal communicator, I can channel into my body the spirit of an animal. Through my third eye I can see them walk across my heart. I hear their messages and its always loving. Sometimes I see movies in my mind. One time I saw myself on the back of a horse that had crossed over the rainbow bridge. The scenery of the open green fields was beautiful. The horse was happy and free.

The message from children, who have left this world, is one of wanting us to be happy and not keep grieving for them for rest of our life. They know the vibration level of consciousness of grief is low. On the David R. Hawkin’s scale, we vibrate at 75 when we are grieving. This is not a healthy level to be living in a constant state of being. I’m glad this scale is out there because it can be a reference point for us to seek help through counseling. There are other references such as feeling intense guilt, not wanting to live anymore, not wanting to be around other people after a certain amount of time, or being in denial of the loss. For those who are living with guilt and keep their focus on guilt for a long time, their view of the world is one of tragedy.

People grieve differently and there is no hard and fast rule for the time and amount of grieving. This is something a person comes to terms with by themself. It’s a personal choice to decide to change a perception and seek help if needed. There are support groups and light workers here on the planet that are ready to help and lend an ear and clear the energy fields to restore balance and harmony.

Although you may not be experiencing grief at this moment, please keep in mind that you always have support around you. Your angels and spirit guides are here to help. And certainly, Archangel Raphael is always available to bestow healing upon you. Just ask, and you will receive his green light of healing. Archangel Azrael is available to help you cope with the loss of a loved one.

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker


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