Do you sometimes or perhaps, all the time, put things off until the last minute? Do you get upset with yourself for not keeping on top of all your tasks? Procrastination in excess can interfere with our plans and dreams. On the other hand, procrastination can provide the catalyst for elevating our energy level to get the job done in record breaking speed.

When a very detailed oriented project takes time and requires constant and consistent effort, procrastination can be a gift in itself. I know a man who built a wood and glass cabinet with lights, for a woman who needed it for her doll collection. It took him fifteen years to finish the cabinet because he didn’t like the finish he had applied. He had a hard time going back to the project because he knew it would require a lot more effort. In the mean time, the woman purchased doll cabinets herself, and subsequently passed away after a long battle with cancer. The woodworker gave the cabinet to another woman who also collected dolls. This second woman benefited from the woodworker’s procrastination. From this story, we can see the doll cabinet was really created for the second doll collector.

There are 3 Benefits From Procrastinating I'd like to share with you:

1. Creates Balance: Procrastination doesn’t mean a person is lazy. A healthy dose of procrastination for a person who is busy, puts balance into the equation of running a business. Sometimes we need to “sit” on a situation for a while so we can look at it from different angles. Meditation and contemplation can provide a platform for our best decisions. If we operate non-stop, our batteries become depleted. Our procrastinations are placed in the rest period of our activities, to provide balance and flow in our lives. 

2. Promotes Change: Don’t feel you are a lazy person because you procrastinate. Step back and look at the big picture. What have you accomplished in the last week? Last month? Last year? If you can honestly say to yourself, “Gee, I haven’t done very much.” Then you know it’s time to change your approach in life. There are plenty of self help books and programs out there to kick your rear in gear. It’s just a matter of commitment on your part, to yourself and to your business.

3. Facilitates Focus: Procrastination can induce anxiety that gives us the spark to create. Ideas flow in quickly and everything just comes together. I remember in college I used to put off studying for my final exams to the last minute. I needed that pressure to help me focus. I also made sure no one disturbed me while I was focused on studying.

I find prioritizing my activities helps me to see that I’m getting the most important tasks done. Everything else falls into place, or waits it turn in line. Striving to keep my life as simple as possible, also helps to stay focused, prioritize easily and not procrastinate like I used to when I perceived my projects as overwhelming to the point of paralyzing. I keep a healthy perspective that everything will be accomplished in Divine Timing- exactly when it’s meant to be done.

Blessings and Joy!

Barbara Becker
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