How is your life? Are you happy and content? Could your life be better or different? What if you find yourself in circumstances that are not in alignment with your Soul Path or at least where you truly want to be? Can you change your life? The answer is an affirmative yes!

We forget just how creative and powerful we really are when we are in a relationship that doesn’t resonate with our happiness. We can change the relationship by either leaving the relationship or deciding to engage in better communications and behaviors, intentions, clearing blocks, and trusting. Each relationship you are in has to be determined by you if it is the best for you or not. Here is an example from my own life that I have not shared in my writings before:

In early part of 1986, I was engaged to and living with a man who abruptly changed his behavior by not socializing with his mother when she came to visit us for a week in Arizona. Instead of going on a one week road trip to the beautiful sites that Arizona has to offer, he worked on his car in the garage. We could have driven my vehicle for the trip. I had a lovely visit with his mother and as far as I knew, he had a good relationship with his mom. He just refused to follow through with our plan to vacation with his mom. 

After his mother returned to her home in Oklahoma, I realized that this man was not the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with as his wife. And when I announced that I intended to leave our relationship, he became angry, vengeful and depressed. He promised me he would ruin my life personally, physically, psychologically, and financially. I knew in my heart I had to be the “bad one” to end the relationship, and I felt I was prepared. I had a good job and could support myself.

What I wasn’t prepared for was coming home one evening from work and finding a loaded gun, a new Teddy Bear on our bed. I found my boyfriend upstairs, in a fetal position, depressed, on the guest room bed, the one we rented for his mother’s visit. My mind began spinning as I saw this scenario as a threat to my survival. I asked him to go out to the store and buy some milk. He complied. I remember saying out loud to myself, “This is not my life!” I took the gun and placed it in my car while he was at the store. The next day when I took the gun to the police station, asking them to hold it until I moved out, the police officer said the gun is considered private property and that until a crime has been committed, they could not accept the gun. Even though I was being proactive in preventing my murder, the police refused to help. So, I hid the gun. Interestingly, my boyfriend never asked me what I did with his firearm. 

My angels intervened and created a miracle for me. I knew I needed to talk to a real estate attorney about my situation. I just started driving down the road in town and looked up. There was a sign for a Real Estate law firm. I walked in and asked the receptionist how much it would cost for a consultation. The receptionist said the first consultation is free and the attorney was available right now. This is a form of abundance! After hearing my story, the attorney said that my situation was no different from the victims of the people he prosecuted for murder, as a prosecutor for the county. He recommended I leave the relationship and home, as soon as possible and I will be fine. I was very grateful for his advice.

I hired a moving company and relocated to an apartment within four hours. I left the loaded gun in the house as I walked out the door for the last time. And although the boyfriend began stalking me, I envisioned and created a life on my own. I began dating other men and focused on my career as a critical care nurse. My life "changed on a dime". It wasn’t until years later, I understood this relationship that ended in drama, was a life lesson in standing up for myself, being true to me, and taking action as a creator of my reality. I changed the script of my life. And just when I thought my life was taking a new direction, it changed again. Within a couple of months of leaving, I was involved in a near fatal auto accident. I will share more in next week’s article: How Our Reality Can Change In An Instant: Part II. 

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker

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