Pumpkin Soup
The concern of today’s food and beverage substances being healthy or unhealthy, is at an all time high. There are many choices to make in regards to processed foods, sugar, gluten, fiber, organics, and genetically altered vegetables and fruits. Even the preparation of food has become challenging and an abundance of various methods can seem overwhelming.

While you follow your guidance from your healthcare professional and your Spirit, a very old method of making sure the molecular structuring of the meal is in alignment with the human body, is to simply bless the food before it is consumed. When the bacteria in food is in alignment with you, it does not cause illness. You may have forgotten the food on your plate is not external to you. Food is you.

Every bite you take is rich with God’s love in it. And this applies to all food. It doesn’t matter if you are chewing a juicy steak or slurping a razzle- dazzle blueberry smoothie.  Food and water is truly manna from heaven. So, let’s enjoy this gift from God, with these suggestions…
  1. Bless the food and beverage for your highest and greatest good, in God’s name. Infuse your food with light and love.
  2. Take your time, and chew slowly with intention.
See, feel and smell the vegetables dug up from the ground or picked from the tree or bush. Bless and thank the people who packaged, prepared and delivered the food to your table. Appreciate and bless all these people and the person who cooked or prepared the raw food for you to ingest. Bless and thank Mother Earth for all she provides. If it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t have the nutrients we use to energize our bodies.
Discover what type of food and it’s preparation works best to keep your body in balance and in vibrant health. Honor what your body craves at the time. Allow others to eat their food choices in what ever manner and style, without judgment. As you allow others, they allow you. Loving allowance creates harmony.

Above all, enjoy your meal. Protocols and etiquette rules have placed a lot of stress around the mealtime. Relax and forget about who is putting their elbows on the table and whether or not the napkin is on the lap or held in the hand. The sharing of a meal with other people and blessing the food, is a way of creating love. Creating love with food is another way of creating peace on earth.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

November 8, 2012

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