If you drive a vehicle, you probably at one time or another, have been in a similar situation as the one I describe below.
Mercury was in Retrograde and there I was, in my vehicle, stopped on the I-10 freeway, on a hot July afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona. A semi-truck filled with produce had jack-knifed in the Deck Park Tunnel, creating a traffic jam for miles. I was on my way to meet a new friend for dinner in central Phoenix. I was able to exit the freeway, back track to another one, only to find myself in another detour from a traffic jam of an accident on State Route 51. Other drivers were traveling on the shoulder in hopes to arrive at their destinations quicker. It took me two and a half hours to travel fourteen miles and of course, I was late to dinner. How could I possibly keep positive under these circumstances?
I realize the situation I’m in and I remember I’ve been in worse. I remember to be grateful for what I do have in the moment. I was grateful for a well running vehicle, gas in the tank, a cool container of water to quench my thirst, a blueberry nutrition bar, air conditioning to keep me cool, good brakes and fairly new tires, a cell phone, and the patience to let other drivers pull in front of me. My friend and I kept in contact with our cell phones. I did give her the option that if she felt we could not meet due to her scheduled activities, it was okay with me. We could try another time. My friend agreed to wait for me. I thanked God for all of these things. I prayed no woman was in this traffic with labor. I prayed for everyone to feel secure, calm, cool and patient. 
I also chose to be constructive with my “alone” time and meditate with my eyes open. The meditation kept me calm, serene and centered. I remembered, all we have, is this moment, right now. Anything could happen in the next moment. I am not in control, God is. 
If I had sunk into the negative and became inpatient, I might have caused another accident to occur. This would have just compounded the situation and I would have felt worse, because now, I would have to stand outside in the heat and never make it to my destination. I would have incurred stress and strain on my body from frustration and anger. These are just wasteful energies. They do not serve us in our highest and greatest good, and promote wellness. 
The global consciousness does not need more frustration, impatience, and stress. It needs more light, love and calming serenity. We are affecting the whole planet by our state of being, because we are all connected. If we want the world to be a calm and serene environment to live in, we must be of that same vibration within ourselves. It takes practice and we can do it! The more we practice staying positive, the easier and more natural it becomes within us.
Blessings and joy!
Barbara Becker
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