From time to time, I meet people who ask me how they can meet their Guardian Angel. Everyone has been assigned a Guardian Angel when they came to the Earth in human form. The Guardian Angels’ job is to watch over us and allow us to make our mistakes and successes through our choices and how we are perceive experiences in our lifetime. Our Guardian Angel is available to help us, however, we must ask for this help. The reason for this is the Law of Free Will. This law is universal and spiritual. From this law of Free Will, comes respect. This is also a gift God/Creator Source has given us.

Our Guardian Angel will “step in” to help us before we ask, because a life threatening event is about to occur and its not our time to leave the planet in the human form. The Guardian Angel will invoke the help of assistants, other angels and star beings to intervene and produce the remedy.

When we acknowledge the presence of our Guardian Angel and choose to meet through the third eye perception, a tender touch on our arm, or a whisper in our ear, all of Heaven rejoices in this experience. Those in the angelic realm are vibrating very high and it takes a certain amount of effort on their part to lower their vibration to meet us on the Earth plane. By raising our vibration through love, compassion, and forgiveness, it makes it much easier for communication to occur.

Meeting our Guardian Angel is quite simple. Meditate. Yes, that’s it. By slowing down and relaxing ourselves, we lift our vibration higher. By relaxing every muscle in our bodies from top to bottom or from our feet to our head, feeling the love entering into our lungs through our breath, becoming more relaxed and centered, we then can imagine the loving energy from above and from below, encircling our bodies in a shimmering and radiant sphere of energy. This energy comes from Source, The Creator. We state our intention to meet our Guardian Angel. Without any judgment of how it is to occur, we allow our angel to communicate its presence. Now, if there is no success in meeting your Guardian Angel, then do not stress or worry. Repeat the meditation the next day, same time. Repeat it each day until you have success.

In the beginning, I was very skeptical and didn’t believe in extrasensory attributes, because I was very much in my head, and not in my heart. I didn’t meet my Guardian Angel the first time I tried to meditate, specifically to meet my angel. During a “Meet Your Guardian Angel” playshop with angel communicator, Ann Albers, I was the only person in the room of 16 people who did not have an angelic experience. And this is okay. It took me two more tries, then it was the most awesome experience of my life! My angel not only appeared before me in my third eye perception, when I asked its name, the flaming letters appeared in the air before me, spelling the name, SOLARIUS. Solarius means, “Of the Sun”.

Here’s the good news about your angelic encounter with your Guardian. Now that the veil is thinning, and our planet is transitioning to a higher dimension (5th), your ability to communicate and meet your Guardian Angel, is easier than when I attempted back in the mid nineties. Once you open the door to communicating with your Guardian Angel, there’s no turning back. And why would you? Our angels are here to support us, love us and serve God through serving us. It just keeps getting better and better. Meeting your Guardian Angel will lead you to more angelic experiences.  Keep your vibration high by focusing on positive thoughts, loving actions, words and deeds. Know that you are a multidimensional being of infinite possibilities having an awesome human experience. What you put out there in the Universe, returns many fold.

Many blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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