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Here we are in the middle of Mercury in Retrograde. This can be a time of emotional turmoil and accidental miscommunications. It can also serve as a time for us to refine our skills in finding and maintaining the balance of our emotions. 
It’s not just that we are at a certain chronological human age and the planets are affecting our feelings. We are in the beginning of the Golden Age of humanity. Our sense of time has sped up. Our perception is that time has been shortened. As the veil of forgetfulness and the dimensions are closer, we are experiencing challenges as our light bodies are vibrating higher and faster, our DNA is changing for our human bodies to accept more love and light and we are experiencing the connection to one another and everything on planet Earth, even stronger than before. We are feeling more.
As the global consciousness of Oneness and more people on the planet are awakening, there is a realization we are not alone in the Universe. We have abilities to use our other senses for communication and our gifts for healing. There is a shift in the Universe vibration. In other words, people who are not “awake” and are stuck in their materialistic, harmful, controlling view of the world, are digging their heels deeper in the dirt. Those who are just now awakening, are feeling the old program of harming others, no longer resonates in their hearts, and are coming clean by “confessing” on media platforms. They are called whistle blowers. If you watch the network news lately, you have heard these stories. Imagine for a moment how much the whistle blower is sacrificing. You know there is a lot of intense feelings in this type of activity. And because we are all connected, we are feeling their emotional turmoil too. 
As we continue our vibrational shift of ascension, we are going to see and feel more of the emotional turmoil that comes with significant change in the old selfish, greedy, and harmful programs toward humanity and Mother Earth. At the same time, we must remember the external reflects the internal. This means each of us needs to journey inward and explore what is it inside of us that is causing the battle between people, governments and countries. The more of us who are clearing out the issues inside of us, forgiving ourselves, and loving ourselves, the more whistle blowers will come forward and instigate the change you want to see in the world. Remember the saying: “If you want others to change, change yourself.” Everything starts with us. 
Let us also remember, the whistle blowers need us to send them love, compassion, forgiveness, strength and courage. Holding the belief that anyone can change, and sending compassion and forgiveness to those who want to harm the planet and others, will do more for our world, than to send thoughts and speak of condemnation, anger, revenge and hate. 
There are several ways to balance our emotions. Some people use walking, working out their muscles at a gym, hiking in the mountains, bicycling, swimming in the ocean, lake or pool, hobbies and crafts, to name a few. Meditation is by far, the best and the most powerful tool we have in our spiritual medicine box, to heal the imbalance of our emotions. Yoga and Tai Chi also promote our ability to remain calm, serene and content, while everything and everyone around us, is in utter chaos. These two forms of human movement and posture, work with the breath to enhance chakra health and optimum internal organ function. It's important to remember we cannot just work and not have regular exercise incorporated into our schedules. 
What types of activities are you doing to promote your emotional balance?
Blessings and joy!
Barbara Becker
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