King snake

King Snake (docile, curious and gentle)


In the year of the Snake, 2013 may very well give us a sudden event that affects all humanity. Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers occurred in a snake year. A sudden event will require our compassion and forgiveness on a grand scale. And we can do it! In each of us, there is the ability to think and meditate before we act or speak. The Divine Spirit within each of us helps us to communicate in the language of the heart.

In the past, humanity was walking down a path of self destruction because most closed their hearts. People gave up and gave into the materialistic and ego driven perspective of life. Keeping up with the Joneses. Feeling less than. Forgetting we have all we need right inside of us. Confidence was lost. The economy changed for the worse in the mind set, through media programming in the news, books, songs and water cooler talk. People believed they could not do better and hope was thrown away. Victim mentality became the norm. Misery loves company. This was before 12-12-12.

Now, as we step into our Golden Age, we are experiencing a global awakening of our intuitive and psychic abilities. We are beginning a new phase of human life, where we are speaking from our hearts with kindness and non-violent communications. We are understanding it’s no longer us against them. We are one. We are connected to everything and everyone on the planet. The veil of our separateness is lifting. More and more people are searching for something more meaningful in their life. Living with less, letting go of objects and perceptions of having to stay with the herd, much like a snake sheds it’s skin.

Kudos to humanity! We made it this far. The energies of our dear Mother Earth are changing for the better. Although we may have conflicts this year, the challenge for each of us is to be the calm one who constantly seeks harmony and well being for all. Humans have the power to co-create Heaven on Earth by co-existing with all genders, race, religions and beliefs. The more of us who hold peace and love within our being, the more these vibrations will permeate the ethers and reach those who have a difficult time staying in a harmonious state. I have had visions of people with firearms, standing face to face, placing those objects of war gently down on the ground, and hugging each other in forgiveness and resolution.

Let’s remember this year to contemplate how our actions affect one another. Giving loving allowance instead of judging or condemning, is the quickest way to loving oneself. When we love ourselves and our cup of love is running over, then we can begin to love another. When a sudden event happens and it’s shocking to witness, go into your heart, remember the love within you, and forgive yourself immediately. Then forgive them, for they know not what they do. Love them. This is how to respond with an open heart. This is how we co-create Heaven on Earth.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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