I asked Lance Heard if he would be willing to be interviewed for an article about his shamanic healing services. I appreciate Lance’s openness to answer questions about what a shaman is, and how a shamanic healer can be beneficial for people in today’s Western society.

Barbara: What is a shaman?

Lance: A shaman is an individual that can assist and guide one who is in the darkness, out into the light, by utilizing his or her intuition and life process, and sharing these to be used as tools to help others. Also, a shaman is a person who can bring in complex universal principles and ground them into more of an Earthly realm reality, and be able to express it in a way that a person can understand it. Sometimes universal principles can be very difficult to understand because they can come in symbols or just the gist of something. For example, if someone says its all good, some people will have a hard time understanding this when they were riding their bike and fell off and skinned their knee. How can that be good? So I will give them an example of what skinning their knee means so they can see it in a different perspective, to get the lesson behind it. Instead of looking at it as yesterday was a bad day, or I was just unlucky, or stuff happens.

Barbara: There are zillions of modalities of healing techniques out there, all over the world. What can a shaman offer in service to the people of today, as a separate form or augmentation of other healing?

Lance: A shaman can basically offer a safe and loving environment in order for a person to express their deepest issues with no judgment. A person can feel very safe to express something they wouldn’t ordinarily express. A shaman would give them the tools and insight to as why they’re feeling a certain way or why certain things happen to them. Through the shaman’s life experience and tapping into their energy, asking their angels, guides, and the Higher Self, what does the person need, the shaman receives the information and passes it onto the person. Techniques will be given that the person will take home with them, to utilize those techniques at any time. So that way when a similar issue comes up, they’ll know what to do. They won’t have to go anywhere outside of themselves to get the answers. The shaman can also use the energetic adjustments with their eyes, voice and hands, while they are speaking to the person.

Barbara: In my own healing practice, when I have a client with deep engrained issues that are causing blocks or illness, I will recommend they go to a psychiatrist, psychologist or a shaman. I see the shaman as an acceptable person or method for someone who is spiritually awakened, to help the person work on problems. They know they need to do the inner work. Do you see the offering of the shaman beneficial to these clients?

Lance: I feel its extremely beneficial because a psychiatrist or psychologist may only know what they’ve learned from books and school, to heal a person through their psyche. Where a shaman deals with energetic things from their past lives. A shaman can go to a past life while the client is talking. It would appear the shaman is just listening, but there’s things going on in the background that the shaman is aware of. The shaman will go in and help release that energy. Shamans aren’t bound by worldly perceptions of how things are supposed to be done. They look at a bigger picture in a lot of ways. I’m not saying that psychiatrists and psychologists can’t do that. But that Shamans are apt to be more aware of energy, ripple effects and the mirror effects of how things are reflected back to you that are telling things about yourself because a shaman has lived in those realities their whole life. The shaman will use these realities in order for a person to see in a different way, and heal themselves. Psychologists are a good part of the equation in the healing process. But there are certain parts of the healing process that can’t be reached unless the person goes to a shaman or healer, who uses the energetic techniques that the Western schools don’t teach because maybe they don’t value those different modalities as anything important.

Barbara: As a shaman, what do you offer people who are feeling unworthy or their egos are strongly developed as a result of traumatic childhood experiences?

Lance: When they come for a session with me, I don’t have any judgment of the individual. As they talk to me, and I feel there are areas where they’re stuck because they don’t feel worthy enough, I’ll respond with examples of realities of my past on how I felt unworthy. I do it this way so they can have the opportunity to see they are worthy. Most people who believe they are unworthy have no concept of a reality that they can be worthy to receive something because its just not in their consciousness or state of being. As a shaman, my job is to give a person a different perspective based on my reality, to convey to them, hey look, you are worthy of receiving. And usually that will open up a little crack of light into the inner darkness. It will blossom within the person and begin growing from the contemplation of the new perceived reality and gently be persuaded in a loving way out into the light.

With someone who is “into” the ego, I will switch. That’s the thing about shamans. They are able to switch into different realities and be with the person. It’s not going to be the same message for everybody. The message will be what pertains to that particular individual. When a person is in their ego, I will give examples of myself about times when I was in my ego. You have to be creative and know quite a bit about how consciousness works in order to speak to an individual that has a lot of ego as their main driving force to express themselves.

Barbara: In your experience, what kinds of problems or challenges are people dealing with now, in 2017? How can a shaman help them?

Lance: The biggest challenges people have is how to receive inner self love, inner peace, joy, and abundance. I believe the reason being is because they are so integrated with worldly perspectives and realities learned through their parents, the past, and media. They believe that is the “it” factor. And that is reality beyond reality. It is so deeply ingrained in their consciousness that they can’t even see that those realities are exactly what creates and entertains chaos and turmoil within themself. It’s so common ground and real. Think about it, they’ve been taught that ever since they were a baby. They heard things on the radio and TV. They heard repetitive realities between their mother and father when they were communicating with each other. And teachers from their childhood, and from kids on the playground, that’s real to people. They haven’t had an opportunity to see a different perspective. Those chaotic realities created a lot of poisonous symptoms within themselves. They haven’t had an opportunity to speak with someone who spent their life wondering how can I be happy, more loving and peaceful? This is what shamans and healers provide.

Unfortunately, people who are still stuck in those past realities, its sometimes hard to get a little crack inside the armor they’ve built around themselves. We shamans/healers help people break down that armor so they can have an opportunity to be proactive and live a better reality.

Barbara: For someone who’s never been to a shaman, in your services, what can a client expect?

Lance: When a person comes and has a shamanic experience with me, the first thing I like to do is ask questions about the reason they came to see me. While they are expressing themselves, I’ll tap into their energies, tap into my intuition, my Higher Self, and into the angelic realm. I’ll start getting a flood of insights, answers, or techniques will come that I’ve never even heard of or used before. When the client is done talking, I will speak out the information that came. It’s like a mighty river of information flooding in to help facilitate new realities for them, so they can heal themselves. I will also do energetic adjustments on them while they’re talking. It might seem I’m just looking at them listening, but a lot more is happening unseen in the background!

Barbara: You’re in Phoenix, Arizona and provide services in your office. Do you also offer services telephonically for people outside of Arizona?

Lance: Yes I do. I can do long distance healing. Long distance healing has been a very powerful modality in a lot of my past experiences.

Barbara: Is there anything you’d like to share of your wisdom as part of this interview article?

Lance: I would like to share this: People who believe or think that no matter how bad their life is, life can get better, and it will get better. It’s going to take some work, but its possible. It might feel a little painful in the moment as we are going through our processes in life. But just because it’s painful at the moment, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be that way forever. Start as soon as possible. Start doing the work so you don’t have to wait until your 70 or 80 and about to pass to the other side. This way, you can live in Heaven while you’re still on Earth. It’s obtainable!


Lance Heard, Shaman, offers multifaceted healing modalities and lifelong tools designed to create a solid foundation leading to inner love, peace, joy and balance. Lance’s intentions of his services are derived from love and the Oneness as the main focal point, facilitating the dissolution of separateness. Lance can be contacted through his website: https://lanceheard.com and via email message: lanceheard@hotmail.com.


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