When I was in the hospital recovering from the bone-breaking trauma of an automobile collision in 1986, the aches and pain diminished my ability to feel good. One of my critical care-nursing students came to the hospital to visit me. She knew me as a nurse instructor, not as a hospital patient. She was shocked to see me sitting in a chair with my hair messy, no makeup on my pale, narcotic drugged face, unshaven legs and dressed in a hospital gown, with a chest tube hanging down connected to a drainage device. She was used to seeing me as the critical care nurse instructor with every hair in place on my head, a clean uniform with a pressed white lab coat, and makeup. I found delight in her exclaims; “Wow, Barbara, your legs are hairy!” Although I hadn’t a smidgeon of energy in me, I laughed and laughed. It felt so good to laugh; it hurt to laugh. I began to feel my normal self, even if for a flicker of a moment. She gave me exactly what I needed, medicinal humor. Humor can be found in the most painful of circumstances. The laughter caused me to move my muscles, which caused the nerves to be stimulated, which caused pain. This pain was a good pain, as it caused the natural endorphins to be released in my body. This natural form of pain antidote is part of our human body makeup.

Have you ever laughed so much and so hard that you literally feel you have weak muscles? This is because laughter relaxes us. When we become relaxed, our blood pressure decreases, our heart rate decreases and our muscle tone decreases, giving us more oxygen into our body tissues and organs. Laughter promotes better health. When our body is relaxed, there is no need for it to produce stress hormones. With stress hormones in balance, our immune system is strong and healthy.

We use laughter to help us process fear and anxiety. Negative emotions are dissipated when we are joyful. I remember sitting on a flight taking off from Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1986. Just as we were taxiing toward the runway, our plane turned. Outside my window I saw another jet in the air, on approach to the same runway we were on. We had about ten seconds to get out of a disastrous event! Our pilot made a hard right turn to avoid the collision. The airline attendant on the public address system used humor to calm everyone by saying with a nervous laugh, “Folks, we’re going to try that again!”

We are born with smiles and laughter. As babies, we are entertained with balloons and facial expressions. Have you found yourself laughing because a baby in a restaurant is laughing? Laughter is contagious, because we have a “funny bone” in us that will cause us to laugh even when we don’t know why we are laughing.

The energy in a room will change from somber to joy with laughter. I remember attending my deceased Godmother’s viewing at the funeral home. She was on display, resting very peacefully in the coffin. Of course everyone in the room was sad to see her go, including me. What I found interesting was as I sat their looking at my Godmother, I could literally feel her joy and humor. I said to myself, “OMG, she’s laughing!” Laughter was how she lived her life. Back in the 50s, she and her husband entertained parties for friends and family in the basement of their home. Not understanding how clairvoyant I was at the time, I could see her laughing and feeling happy in the funeral home. Of course she was happy. She was free from the confines of the human body. She was back in Spirit, where there is love and bliss. I see her now, shaking her head in approval.

Remember to fill your life with humor and laughter. Your life will be easier and your body will be healthier. As my Tai Chi Grandmaster Zaysan would say as we left class, “Enjoy!”


Blessings, love, and joy!

Barbara Becker

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