Prickley Pear Fruit

It’s possible that not only did we come here to our dear planet Earth to assist in her Ascension, we came to work on our lessons. We are given lessons in life that come in all sorts of packages. For instance, we have opportunities to learn about love, pain, finances, health, careers, relationships, science, poetry, beliefs, religions, animals, plants, water, and the list goes on. In each of these subjects, are a variety of ways to learn how we interface our being with them. We learn about how others respond to us and vice versa.

Some people are given the lesson of betrayal. This is where your friend or spouse leaves you because they have found someone else or their focus in life is wrapped up in a special cause and they literally push you out of their life. When this situation occurs it can be very dis-heartening. It feels painful and your energy drops dramatically. Betrayal happened to me in my first marriage.

At the moment I found out he was cheating on me, I felt dirty and full of guilt. I thought this was odd because I wasn’t the one cheating. Growing up Catholic, I felt I had to stick it out and stay in the marriage no matter what. When I moved out of the house because he wanted her and not me, I felt worthless, abandoned, and very depressed. I lost a considerable amount of weight because I became anorexic. I was working as a Registered Nurse in an intensive care unit (ICU). When I was walking around at ninety-seven pounds, my co-workers said to me, “Gosh Barb, you look like you just came out of a concentration camp.” I acknowledged their observations and agreed something was not in balance with me. All I could eat was Kentucky Fried Chicken and vanilla ice cream. I said to myself, “Well, if this is all you can eat, then eat it to survive.” This type of food is far from the nutritious food and supplements I eat today.

I wasn’t sleeping very well during that time and I called in “sick” to work. I was taking more days off from work, than what was asked of my full time job. The nurse manager of the ICU counseled me and said if I don’t stop calling in sick to work, she would have to fire me. When she left the room, I stood there and said to myself, “You’re losing your health, your husband and your job. Having two of the three, isn’t bad at all.” In that moment of realization, I healed instantly. My perspective changed 180 degrees. My appetite came back and boy, was I hungry. I walked over to the cafeteria and filled my plate of wonderful nutritious food. I stopped calling in sick to work. I regained my weight back to my normal level. Then my husband called and said he wanted me back. This all happened because I changed my perspective and the Universe provided.

This was a tough lesson for me to learn. When we change our vibration from a low level of despair, hopelessness, and depression, to a higher level of love for ourselves, the Universe will echo whatever we put out there. We thrive in our higher vibrations. We are healthy, we are happy and we manifest our heart’s desire.

Now, let’s take this lesson to another level. We all truly love one another and we play roles to help each other. This first husband played the role and played it very well. This was his “gift” to me, so that I could learn the lesson of loving myself. On a spiritual level, he loved me so much, he agreed to play the “villain” in my scenario. I forgave him. I forgave myself. It was my karma that was being balanced. In a previous lifetime, I cheated on him.

If we can learn from our toughest and prickliest of lessons, then our lives will have not been in vain.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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