In this third and last article about life changes, I illustrate a career change that was not expected. I saw it as an opportunity for growth and to take my knowledge and skills to a different level than where I was at the time.

In 1986, a dear friend gave me the business card of a personal injury attorney, while I was recuperating in the hospital from a near fatal auto accident that included multiple broken bones and internal injuries. Several weeks later, when I was being cared for by my family, as I laid in an electric hospital bed in my parent’s living room, the attorney came to the house for a consultation regarding my assertion of a personal injury claim. This type of claim is handled by insurance company adjusters and a plaintiff attorney who represents the best interest of his/her client.

I was guided to allow at least a year to pass, to see if any residual complications presented and persisted. This was back in the eighties when I did not know everything in the third dimension is temporary. I didn’t even fully comprehend the miraculous healing without complications within a six week period, until years later.

At the conclusion of my personal injury claim in the following year, my boyfriend, Hoyt, and I were in my attorney’s law office.  Hoyt asked the attorney if he had any legal cases that involved medical issues he didn’t fully understand. The attorney replied, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do”. Hoyt then added, “Well, Barbara, can help you with them.” At that moment, I had no idea what Hoyt was talking about. I stammered, “Ah, yes, I can help you.” The attorney asked me if I would come back to his office and he would discuss the case with me. I agreed.

Thus, began my independent legal nurse consultant career. The idea popped in my head (from the Universe), to ask a seasoned legal nurse consultant out to lunch, and to teach me everything about the business. She accepted my offer. She taught me everything in one hour! Now, this may sound impossible. And I would agree, except for the fact that I attended a legal nurse consulting business workshop after I had been working on cases, and realized I was already doing everything that was in the course. For me this was confirmation.

I began my legal nurse consulting career part time. I then turned it full time, while working in the hospital part time as an Emergency Room and Critical Care Nurse. I attended college and received my certificate as a paralegal. I joined the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants and became the President of the Phoenix, Arizona Chapter- a full three year commitment. I enjoyed working independently on plaintiff and defendant claims in toxic torts, personal injury, pharmaceutical injury, and medical malpractice claims for various law firms in the Phoenix area.

In 1998, I stopped working in the hospital altogether, and went to work in a large insurance company as a nurse consultant. Due to my legal background, I worked in the litigation and complex claim department, assisting insurance adjusters and attorneys in understanding the medical aspects of their claims.

Just as I was settled into my life as a legal nurse consultant, my life changed again. This time, it was for spiritual reasons and the awareness of my life purpose. My reality changed when I received the Reiki attunements, began a spiritual based Tai Chi, and received a shamanic opening ceremony of my healing gift I brought to the world. I wrote about these experiences in my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. My life changed as I had contracted with my Higher Self and guides, before I came to this planet.

Our life purpose is to have a human experience and realize we are already spiritual. We all have brought gifts of healing and information to share with one another as we evolve. It’s up to us to be open to changes and trust that no matter what happens, we are nurtured, loved, and supported by the Universe. The timing of our changes is perfect. All is in right order. Each change in my life afforded me further growth in my character, experience, and wisdom. Life is a creative dance and I feel richer for all the changes and challenges happening at the moment they were meant to occur. 

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker

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